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Cedar Point offering one-day sale on admission

By Craig Webb Published: June 17, 2014

The year of the discount continues at Cedar Point.

The park is having a one-day online sale and offering $25 off the regular admission price of $59.99. The deal is good through midnight and the tickets have to be purchased online.

The only other catch is the tickets are only good through June 29.

The price break is little better than the $39.99 ticket  the park offered after a broken water main forced officials to close Cedar Point for an entire weekend earlier this month. That offer did include a free ticket to the Soak City waterpark worth $33.99.

It has been a rough start of the season for Cedar Point, the park did add some family rides along the Gemni Midway, but there is not a signature attraction to attract visitors.

On the heels of the water main break, news broke that a near riot erupted among fighting employees then a plane had to make an emergency landing on the beach.

Perhaps Cedar Point will break with tradition and announce its new attraction(s) early this year to create some positive vibes. A new coaster or an indoor family dark ride  - better yet both - would be a good start.

I'm personally hoping for a dark ride. The park needs more things the whole family can ride and a major attraction that can remain open when it rains.




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