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Cedar Point offers cryptic hints of its 2015 attraction

By Craig Webb Published: July 29, 2014

A major new coaster.

An interactive dark ride.

A reconfigured Mantis.

The demolition of the Mean Streak.

The Mean Streak spruced up and renamed after Akron’s own Lebron James.

A renovated Blue Streak Midway with the addition of a new large flat ride.

New restrooms.

The guesses over what Cedar Point’s new attraction in 2015 will be are about as scattered as the clues offered thus far by the park.

The speculation machine has been kicked into overdrive by a series of recent cryptic tweets and blogs by the park’s digital PR director Tony Clark.

Among the photos posted by Clark include the Mean Streak, the Mantis, the Point Picnic Pavilion, surveyor’s marks on the midway pavement and the old pirate ride building near the Blue Streak.

He has also posted about already attending "meetings" for 2015 and offered missives with words deliberately misspelled.

Coaster enthusiasts are also mulling clues offered at the park’s Coaster Campout event held in early July.

The park greeted guests with a sign welcoming them to "Camp Rou" — an area set aside in the Frontier Town section for them to pitch their tents.

This has led speculation that the camp’s odd name refers to the word Rougarou that Cedar Fair trademarked this year.

Rougarou is linked to French lore of a werewolf that haunted swamps in southern Louisiana.

This part of the legend has led some to believe that a coaster bearing the name will take up occupancy in the swampy area in the center of the park.

Others argue it will be the theme for the interactive dark ride that many believe is long overdue in the park’s lineup.

With August now nearly upon us, we shouldn’t have to wait too long as many of Cedar Point’s competitors have either already announced their new rides or have set dates early in the month to make the announcement.




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