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Cedar Point set to announce 2015 plans at noon

By Craig Webb Published: September 2, 2014


Cedar Point will hopefully put an end to the speculation about its future ride plans at noon today.

The park has announced that it will release its plans via YouTube, twitter and Facebook.

The inclusion of YouTube has led some to believe the announcement will involve a coaster or a major ride as the park typically includes virtual ride alongs with such announcements.

It would be unusual for Cedar Point to announce a totally new coaster as Cedar Fair is typically on a five to seven-year build cycle for coasters at its parks.

The has led some to speculate that the announcement could involve the park making good on its promise to name a coaster after LeBron James now that he is officially a members of the Cavs.

The other school of thought is that the park will announce plans to convert the Mean Street into a wood/steel hybrid coaster or get rid of the stand-up coaster cars on the Mantis and convert it into a floorless coaster.

Tony Clark, the park’s director of communications, poked fun of the speculators on Monday when he tweeted a photo of a Cedar Point "Things to do Today" note pad.

The list included:

1. Call RMC (Referencing the Rocky Mountain Construction company that is working with Six Flags to convert its wooden coasters into the new hybrids)

2. Purchase AquaTrax (A new ride track that creates water roller coasters)

3. Relocate Mantis (There is a theory that the park will not only switch out the coaster cars on the Mantis, but also move its entrance to the Blue Streak midway to create more traffic in that area of the park)

4. Build a dark ride (Speculation has the park putting in a werewolf-themed dark ride in the old Pirate Ride building)

5. Go over 500 feet (The new so-called Polercoasters essentially send riders straight down the side of a tall tower)

6. Coaster tunnel into Lake Erie (this is a new one)

7. Build boardwalk (there might be something to this one as the park heavily promoted its beach parties and fireworks this summer)

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