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Cedar Point to unveil 2015 plans on Tuesday

By Craig Webb Published: August 29, 2014

Cedar Point said Friday that "Big News" will be announced by the park on Tuesday.

Speculation has been rampant about the Sandusky park’s plans for 2015.

The most-discussed possibilities include:

• The park has yet to announce plans to honor its pledge to name a roller coaster after Akron’s LeBron James now that he has rejoined the Cleveland Cavaliers.

• Amusement park enthusiasts have long suspected Cedar Point will add a dark ride to its line-up.

• Improvements or a complete redo of the underachieving Mean Streak wooden roller coaster.

• Eliminating the stand-up cars on the Mantis and replacing them with a new type of ride system.

• A new flat ride and other improvements to increase foot traffic to the Blue Streak Midway.

• An overhaul of the Kiddie Kingdom area of the park.

• A werewolf themed coaster or dark ride or indoor coaster.

Cedar Point public relations manager Bryan Edwards ended the speculation about the announcement date when he tweeted: "Big news coming from the "Roller Coaster Capital of the World" this coming Tuesday. Stay tuned. #Secret"

Tony Clark, the park's director of communications, also chimed via twitter that "the management team has given me clearance to tell you there will be a major announcement on 9/2 at high noon." 





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