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Cedar Point: Trip Report

By Craig Webb Published: August 22, 2014

In a sign of the way things would go the rest of the day, we ended up parking in about the sixth row after we paid our toll when we arrived around opening time on Aug. 12.

The raindrops starting falling about the time we hit Cedar Point’s main gate.

And by the time we walked down the midway toward the Coasters Cafe it was a downpour.

After a few minutes the rain stopped so we made our way toward the Corkscrew as my newly minted first grade son decided it was time to ride his first upside-down ride.

Turns out it was still closed, so we trekked in the direction of the Gemini.

Since the line was short, we decided to take a spin on the new Lake Erie Eagles.

It is a nice classic amusement park ride and my youngest enjoyed taking the controls making our "eagle" soar high and low.

Our first coaster, the Gemini, was practically a ride on.

I think it would have been a walk on had they been running both coasters. We only had to wait about 10 minutes.

When we returned later in day, both sides of the Gemini were running so there was little wait.

Threatening skies and Ohio’s early start of the school year kept the lines short.

The longest waits were for the flat rides whose ride operators seemed to be in no particular hurry.

The roller coaster crews were their typical Cedar Point efficient.

The small crowd helped us make short work of the coasters.

We hit them all with exception of the Top Thrill Dragster which was down more than it was up on this particular day.

We walked onto the platform for the Magnum.

The Millennium was just a 15-minute wait — just long enough for our little daredevil to get cold feet. He ended up summoning the strength to go on and had a tearful trip up the first hill. He ended up laughing the rest of the way. But he had no desire to ride again.

The surprise of the day was the Mean Streak. There was no line — there never is one.

The surprise was how "relatively" smooth it was. We ended up riding it a second time. Usually one trip is enough for my innards.

We were able to dodge the second downpour of the day by taking in the last showing of the ice show. I must say it is really, really good show. Even my jaded teenagers begrudgingly admitted they enjoyed it.

We headed back through Frontier Trail to check out the line for the Maverick. It was an astonishing 15 minutes.

It actually took longer for me to take my just too-short son to ride the Mine Ride while the others in our group rode the Maverick. The Mine Ride was a walk onto the platform, but they were running just one train so that slowed things up a bit.

We were among a handful of park guests to take in the water rides, which were all walk ons.

Thankfully we brought spare clothes. It was actually the first time, I got a chance to ride the Shoot the Rapids as it has been closed on my previous visits to the parks. It was fun, but I think the pesky geyser got us more wet than the splashdowns in the boat.

My elusive Cedar Point ride remains the Windseeker — it was closed again on this visit.

Our last coaster ride of the night was on GateKeeper. We only had to wait about 10 minutes.

With the park about to close, we closed out the night on the classic Derby Downs... one of my favorites.

The visit proved what most coaster enthusiasts and season pass holders will tell you, don’t be deterred by a few raindrops. Clouds and threats of rain will chase away most fickle park guests. I have even heard tales of season ticket holders who rush to the park when it rains and clears out.

Trust me, you will more than make for the time you have to dodge raindrops with the short lines for both the rides and food that are left in the rain’s wake.

All in all, Cedar Point looked fantastic. The midway was in full bloom and the old-school lights over the renovated Gemini Midway looked great.

I particularly liked the cool lights that create shapes to each unique attraction or eatery on the main Midway.

We plan to return for Halloweekends so be sure to check back in mid-September for that trip report.




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