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Chance to be a “kid” again at Kings Island

By Craig Webb Published: June 18, 2014

Kings Island is having a one-day, online sale where everyone pays the kids rate to get into the park.

Through midnight tonight, the park is offering the chance to purchase single-day regular Kings Island admission tickets online for $36.99 — $23 off the front gate price.

The tickets are only valid through June 30.

To purchase a ticket, visit and use the promo code 1DAYSALE619 in top right of the website.

This is pretty good deal and offers a fairly affordable way to check out the park’s new Banshee roller coaster.

The Banshee — billed as the world’s longest inverted steel roller coaster — stopped on its lift hill on Monday night.

Park reportedly said the ride did not malfunction and explained that it is designed to stop a train on the hill if other trains on the track have not passed certain points.

I remember spending about 20 minutes on top of the lift hill of the Millennium at Cedar Point a few years back when a rider somehow was able to disable the safety device in his seat.

These mega coasters have a pretty steep grade and it can get a bit uncomfortable sitting there for any length of time.




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