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Aeros rebranding contest down to five names

By Stephanie Published: August 3, 2011

There's always the chance that the Akron Aeros moniker could win out.

But after two months of downsizing name idea lists, there curently are four other names on the table as the Aeros front office continues to whittle the list of names for the team in the club's fan "rebranding" contest.

In addition to the Akron Aeros, these are the four other names in consideration (in no particular order) in renaming the team:

 * Akron Vulcans

* Akron Gum Dippers

* Akron Rubber Ducks

* Akron Tire Jacks

Save from the original Aeros nickname, which at the time was made with a nod to the area's involvment in aeronautical advances, the new four choices center around a rubber theme - no doubt a nod to Akron's history of involvment in the tire/rubber industry.

"We had a lot of people get excited about a lot of different names that came in," said Jim Pfander, the Aeros first-year executive vice president/chief operating officer. "The once the voting started, it's been interesting to see how people have responded. It's been fun to see the names that have come together."   

The contest began on June 5th, when the Aeros kicked off the contest by asking fans to submit name ideas (online at and via a write-in vote to the Beacon Journal) for a two-week period.

The list was then narrowed down to a Top 15 vote, then down to a Top 10 and on to the current Top 5 list. 

"Like any new name - or even if we remain the Aeros - anything different is going to take some getting used to," Pfander said. "It's  just like when the team went from the Carton-Akron Indians to the Akron Aeros. Back then, everyone was like, 'What's an Aero?' So, it's just getting used to it. The best thing is that we've been able to create a buzz - people are talking about the baseball team again."

Pfander said the winning named will be unveiled Oct. 6th during a splashy press confernece at the Akron Civic Center.



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