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How did the duty of oversight go from being about care to being about loyalty?

By Stefan Published: January 31, 2012

Some thoughts on that question here.

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Colorado Lawsuit Challenging the Wisdom of the Ballot Box

By Diana Published: January 31, 2012

Professor Will Huhn is quoted in today's New York Times regarding the legal challenge to Colorado's Tabor Amendment.

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"Race to the Bottom" Voted Top Business Law Blog

By Stefan Published: January 28, 2012

My new blogging home has been voted the top business law blog in the ABA Journal's "Readers' Choice" Top Blawg 100.

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Professor Weighs in on Olympus Alleged Business Fraud

By Diana Published: January 27, 2012

Professor Elizabeth Shaver is quoted in a Fortune article about Olympus' alleged business fraud. Check out what she has to say here .

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SOPA and PIPA video rejoinder

By Brant Published: January 23, 2012

A friend, reader, and fellow law professor, Bill Rich, viewed the SOPA /PIPA video I posted and had this to say:

There are good reasons to oppose SOPA/PIPA, but this isn't one.

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Do you need to know what corporations are before deciding what rights they have?

By Stefan Published: January 21, 2012

You can find some thoughts related to that question here.

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SOPA and PIPA Explained

By Brant Published: January 19, 2012

Although I have not been keeping up with the SOPA/PIPA debate, I found this video useful, although clearly from the perspective of critics of the proposed legislation:

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Understanding the SOPA Blackout

By Jeff Published: January 18, 2012

Online piracy and counterfeiting is epidemic.  The owners of copyrighted material -- movies, music, etc., as well as of trademarked products, lose millions of dollars each year to piracy and counterfeting and thousands of jobs are lost as a result.  In the past, Congress has responded to this problem by passing stronger civil and criminal laws, but the problem persists, perhaps even gotten worse. What to do?

 Within the past year or so, a number of bills have been introduced in Congress aimed specifically at curtailing online piracy and counterfeiting. Under the so-called Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), for example, the Attorney General of the U.S. would be able to require service providers, such as Google, to take measures to block access to foreign websites that traffic in pirated and counterfeit goods, including blocking access to the relevant domain name. Payment network providers and internet advertising services could be required to cease doing business with the such "rogue" websites.

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Is U.S. Corporate Law Efficient?

By Stefan Published: January 15, 2012

Prof. Padfield Moving to "The Race to the Bottom"

By Stefan Published: January 8, 2012

That's right, I'm leaving the BLPB and moving to The Race to the Bottom.  There's a bit more on that here.

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Vice Chancellor Laster on Say-on-Pay

By Stefan Published: January 7, 2012

And some other things (here).

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Happy New Year!

By Stefan Published: January 1, 2012

If you want to spend a little time looking back at 2011, you might try going over to The Race to the Bottom and checking out Jay Brown's overview of Delaware's worst shareholder decisions for 2011.

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