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A Bush Third Term

By Da King Published: October 6, 2008


I write this post as a warning to all American voters. There is a presidential candidate who promises to continue the failed policies of president George W. Bush.

No, it isn't the old guy, and it isn't the governor of the igloo either.

It's the Democratic nominee, Barack Obama.

Obama promises to give tax cuts to the middle class, just like Bush did. According to Democrats, we should return to the tax policies of the Clinton years, because the Clinton policies were a success. Clinton's taxed the middle class at a much higher rate than Bush. All of Obama and the Democrats talk of Bush's trickle down policies is a myth. Bush cut taxes for EVERYONE.

Obama promises to cut capital gains taxes for small businesses, just like Bush did. I guess we should return to the higher capital gains tax rates that Clinton gave us, because, you know, the Clinton years were so great.

Obama promises to leave the business tax rate at 35%, the second highest rate in the world, just like Bush did. We should find a candidate who will cut that rate to stimulate the economy and create jobs during this economic downturn, like McCain would.

Obama promises to give us a huge new government health care program, just like Bush did with Medicare Part D, the Prescription Drug Benefit, the first new Medicare program in decades. McCain, on the other hand, has a free market health care plan.

Obama the neocon promises to strike Pakistan if he has knowledge of high value Al Qaeda targets, just like Bush is doing now.

Obama the neocon wants to ramp up the war in Afghanistan, increasing the number of soldiers and putting American lives at risk, just like Bush, who started the war in Afghanistan.

Obama promises to greatly increase federal spending, just like Bush did. Spending increases on social policies under the Bush administration were the highest since LBJ's Great Society policies. Obama promises more of the same. Clinton and his Republican Congress held spending down relative to the last four decades of sharp federal spending increases, just as McCain is proposing to do.

Obama promises to add funding to the No Child Left Behind federal educational policy. Bush started that policy.

Obama promises to fund faith-based charitable organizations, just like Bush did.

Obama promises to give us more federal deficits, just like Bush did. Obama has even said that balancing the federal budget is not a priority for him, because there are too many programs he wants to "invest" in. The Tax Foundation has estimated that Obama's policies will lead to a federal deficit of $2.7 trillion for Obama's first term. More of the same.

Obama is against gay marriage, just like Bush.

Obama voted for the $700 billion Wall Street bailout, I mean, "rescue package" that Bush asked for. For that matter, the majority of Democrats voted for it, though they increased it to an $840 billion, rescue plan. Apparently, $700 billion wasn't enough. The majority of Republicans voted against the plan.

Obama voted for the $165 billion Bush stimulus package earlier in the year, and Obama has even voiced support for a second stimulus package.

Obama voted for a huge federal spending bill that included tax breaks for the oil companies. Bush signed that bill into law. McCain voted against it.

During these rough economic times, John McCain has proposed a federal spending freeze to restore at least some measure of fiscal sanity and responsibility to our government. Obama, a big spender just like George W. Bush, is against it.

Obama supports a $25 billion loan to the automakers, just like Bush does, and Obama has pledged up to $50 billion for the car companies.

With the exception of Obama's repeated attempts to lose the Iraq War, all of Obama's foreign policies are nearly identical to those of George W. Bush, despite Obama's rhetoric to the contrary. Obama is against Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. Obama supports the two-state solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict. Obama opposed Russia (eventually) in the Russia-Georgia conflict. Obama supports adding Georgia to NATO. Obama has the same policy as Bush regarding North Korea. Obama supports Bush's policies in Africa, etc, etc. Obama HAS criticized Bush for supporting free elections in Palestine, which resulted in Hamas taking power. To date, I haven't heard anyone ask Obama what he prefers as a superior option to free, democratic elections. To my knowledge, there isn't a better alternative to freedom and the voice of the people. Maybe Obama prefers dictatorship. I don't know, and the media won't ask him. I know I'd sure be interested in hearing Obama's answer.

On Iraq, Bush refused for far too long to acknowledge his failing war policies. Obama has refused for far too long to acknowledge the Iraq successes due to the surge and various counterinsurgency strategies. Though their goals were different, that's the same display of stubbornness by both Bush and Obama.

Obama supports capital punishment, just like Bush does.

Obama at least CLAIMS to support gun ownership, just like Bush does.

Obama is soft on illegal immigration, just like Bush is.

It's only a phony political trick to win the election, but Obama has become a johnny-come-lately supporter of offshore oil drilling, just like Bush.
John McSame ? Somewhat. But we also have Barack Hussein Bushbama. The biggest difference I can see is that Obama will increase taxes on the wealthy (pain "trickles down" too, you know), and Obama will put the federal government on even more powerful steroids than Bush did. Exactly the wrong recipe for these times. That's like going from the frying pan into the fire.

A lot of people view the Bush administration as the failure on conservatism. I say, what evidence is there of that ? Bush didn't even try conservatism. From the fiscal and government growth standpoints, Bush mostly tried liberalism. He just didn't pay for it. Obama wouldn't either.



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