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A Case For Economic Freedom

By Da King Published: July 1, 2011

Liberals are puzzled by the way conservatives and libertarians prattle on about economic freedom. Liberals want the opposite of economic freedom. They want the iron fist of the government to exert centralized command and control over economic activity. That view is puzzling to me. I wonder how any American can accept such a view, but many apparently do. Liberals must take American wealth for granted, as if it will always be there no matter what. They couldn't be making a bigger mistake, especially these days when most countries are competing with us.

Because liberals also believe the evil Koch brothers are controlling the minds of we the people on the economic right, I now present a video from...the Charles Koch Foundation ! It is called Economic Freedom And Quality Of Life:

The relationship between economic freedom and the overall welfare of the people is very clear. The people in the most free countries earn 8 times what people earn in the least free countries. The poor in the most free countries earn 10 times what the poor earn in the least free countries. The top 20% of the countries ranking highest in economic freedom have double the per capita income of the second highest quintile, and five times the income of the bottom 20%. So, why would anyone in his right mind opt for less economic freedom ? Beats the heck out of me. You'll have to ask a liberal.

The bad news for the United States is, our ranking on the index of economic freedom has been falling over the last years. We have dropped to ninth place. The main reason for our decline is the dramatic increase in government spending. According to the 2011 index, countries with the largest increases in government spending have growth rates 4.5 points lower than the others.

One may point to China as an example of a country with little economic freedom that is doing very well, until one remembers China didn't start growing until it opened itself up to world markets. China's ascendancy, while still lagging far behind the U.S., is the result of increased economic freedom in that country.

President Obama recently urged American manufacturers and innovators to "up your game" to grow the economy and meet the challenges of the 21st century. My response to Obama would be 'fine, but first you have to LET THEM'. Continued government expansions and takeovers, with it's requisite high taxes, isn't going to help get that job done. Neither will over-regulation, another manifestation of big government overreach. When conservatives and libertarians talk about a constitutionally limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberty, it isn't merely some empty political talking point. It's what makes us free, and allows us to flourish. That's what "ups our game", not the government. The private sector isn't merely a facet of the economy. The private sector IS the economy. It's where our entire wealth comes from. Let it be free to create wealth, or we will suffer the consequences. And if this message is coming from the Koch brothers, who cares ? It's still the correct message.

As those revolution-era Tea Party flags say, 'Don't Tread On Me'. It's the best way. It should be the only way in America.



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