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"A Little Out Of Whack"

By David King Published: June 6, 2013

Yesterday, Attorney General Eric Holder, who has at least twice given false testimony under oath to Congress (Fast And Furious, AP reporter scandal), described his Justice Department's collection of reporters phone records as being "a little out of whack". Holder said he was "a little concerned" that an investigative reporter, James Rosen of Fox News,  was named as  an "aider, abettor, and/or co-conspirator" in crime just for doing his job. Holder's little concern for freedom of the press, however, did not prevent Holder from signing off on an affadavit naming Rosen as a possible criminal in order to obtain a secret warrant for his phone records. In fact, Holder was so little concerned with Rosen's First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights that he shopped his Rosen secret warrant application around the courts until he found a judge who would agree to it. After two judges denied Holder's request for secrecy, a third compliant judge okayed it. Holder's actions regarding Rosen were revealed  shortly after Holder told congressional investigators, "In regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material. This is not something I’ve ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy.

President Obama said he still has confidence in Holder, despite the fact that Holder seemingly lies to Congress whenever it suits his purposes. If Holder does leave his post as Attorney General, perhaps he will become Obama's next Press Secretary or something. After all, Obama did name Susan Rice, who infamously misled the American people about Benghazi, as his next National Security Advisor. I'm wondering if putting forth falsehoods to cover the Obama regime's back, rather than being seen as disgraceful behavior, puts a faithful underling on the fast track for promotion in the administration's highly politicized world.

To add insult to injury, Holder also said this yesterday about criminalizing the press:

"I don't like that, because it means that me as a government official, and who has great respect for the press, is in essence saying that the reporter who is doing his or her job, and doing that very important job, is somehow branded a criminal,” he said. “And I'm just not comfortable with that. And we're going to change it."

You see, Holder is not comfortable with the actions of...Holder. Holder says Holder should be stopped before Holder kills again...and Holder will see to it that Holder doesn't abuse Holder's authority any further. This inspires confidence ? What alternate universe do these guys inhabit ?

While we're on the subject of phone records, the Guardian reported that Obama's National Security Agency (NSA) is collecting the phone logs of millions of Verizon cell phone customers. This came via another secret court order, which requires Verizon to give the government all it's phone records on a daily basis. This appears to be a misuse of a Patriot Act provision enacted during the Bush administration . We already knew the Bush administration was monitoring domestic calls from suspected terrorists, but this is such a ridiculous overreach that I can't imagine how it could be justified by any court, though the FISA court did grant the NSA's request. I guess we're all terrorist suspects now. Remember the rule from my last post - any power given to the government will be abused by the government. It has just been proven again.

Obama administration scandals are piling up at a breathtaking pace. It sure does seem like the "most transparent administration in history" has gotten "a little out of whack", not that I ever believed it was in whack to begin with....hey, is that a drone flying over my house ?...don't they know I'm busy trying to comply with my IRS audit ?...and I have to change my cell phone provider now too, after I hand over all my medical records to the government and change my health insurance provider to comply with ObamaCare.

Maybe it used to be morning in America, but now it seems a lot more like evening. Forward, lemmings !!!



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