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Advice For The GOP

By Da King Published: October 30, 2009

"As Politico reported, there's growing concern among some GOP leaders that controversial commentators and far-right conservatives have hijacked the message. People like Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin appeal to the base - and you certainly need that base to win elections. But in an age when 42 percent of Americans call themselves Independents - you can't win with just the base, either." - Katie Couric, CBS News (link)

This is typical of the advice liberals like Katie Couric have for the Republican party. It always boils down to an appeal for Republicans to become more like...Democrats. You know, moderate (ha ha). Some fainthearted GOP leaders agree, fearing they will lose elections if they don't become Democrats in Repubican clothing, aka RINO's (Republicans In Name Only). Former Republican Arlen Specter (?-PA) is a perfect example of a Republican who wanted to become more like a Democrat to win an election, and Specter finally did complete his Democratic sex change operation, though it doesn't appear that Specter's political chameleon routine is working. Some voters actually can remember what happened prior to yesterday, and Specter is trailing in the polls. What a great loss it would be to cull a distinguished gentleman like Arlen Specter from the ranks of Congress. And by "great loss," I mean, good riddance (along with about 500 other Congressional denizens I'd like to kick to the curb).

Katie Couric and "some GOP leaders" are concerned that conservative commentators and far-right conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin have "hijacked the message."

Hijacked the message ? Hijacked what message ? The message that was rejected halfway through George W. Bush's second term ? The message that led to $4 trillion more in federal debt, the creation of the first new (unfunded) Medicare program in 40 years, two long term wars, massive increases in government spending in nearly every department, massive pork barrel spending, and corruption ? You mean, THAT message ?

Yes, God forbid that Sarah Palin would hijack that message. The problem of the Republicans isn't that their message might be hijacked by Palin, Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or anyone else. The problem of the Republicans is that they hijacked the message themselves. They sold out their conservative principles on nearly every front, and used divisive social issues like gay marriage and abortion to gin up the base come election time (note - the GOP never really tries to reverse Roe v. Wade by proposing a Constitutional amendment to outlaw abortion, if you notice. They only use it as a wedge issue. Therefore, they must like the wedge issue being in place to be used as a political football).
The Republicans have their version of the divide and conquer strategy, just like the Democrats do. The Dems use class warfare, phony racism charges, etc.

My advice to the Republicans would be just the opposite of Katie Couric's. My advice would be to listen to those conservative commentators. Listen to those "far-right conservatives," and listen to those Tea Party protesters (who are independents, btw). My advice would be - return to the long abandoned ideas of limited government, low taxes, and individual liberty. Get the government out of everybody's personal business. Foster the free market to help small business, not to help the mega-corporations and the government destroy the market via their hegemonic dominance. Balance the budget and start paying down the debt, so America's future isn't being washed down the drain. Tell the American people the truth, for once. We've had enough of the lies and spin for political gain. Start implementing policies that benefit America and American workers, instead of policies that benefit foreign nations. That, in turn, will reduce the cancer of government dependency that the Democrats love to foster. Don't become more like Democrats. Become the ANSWER to the ennui of the Democrats fatal socialist policies.

The Republicans don't need to worry about their message being hijacked. They need to worry about formulating a message, because right now, it isn't being articulated, if it exists at all.

Alternately, the Republicans could just dissolve and make way for something new. I wouldn't mind that either. This country needs something new. The majority of this country disagrees with the Democrats on most issues, but the Republicans are a lousy alternative. The two parties are selling us down the river, and I don't see any healthy change coming from either of them. All I see is continual change for the worse, with the public relations figurehead Obama being but the latest example. The citizens are always faced with the same political Coke vs. Pepsi choice. What we aren't told is that both Coke and Pepsi are bad for you.



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