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Alan Grayson Worships Satan

By Da King Published: October 1, 2010

If you haven't seen Rep. Alan Grayson's (D-FL) dishonest 'Taliban Dan' campaign ad, where he takes the words of his Republican congressional opponent, Daniel Webster, out of context and twists them into meaning exactly the opposite of what his opponent was really saying, click on the link above to get the story.

Anyone familiar with Grayson knows he is a childish rhetorical bomb-thrower and a despicable liar, which made him the toast of lib-town for awhile (MSNBC nutjob Ed Schultz even wanted Obama to hire Grayson as his speechwriter), but I think even the liberals are tiring of his sorry antics. Contessa Brewer of the same MSNBC took him to task for the disgusting Taliban Dan ad, in which Grayson also likened Christians to the Taliban, a sure sign of a warped mind at work.

A few of Grayson's "finer" moments - He compared the attendees at Glen Beck's Restoring Honor rally to the Ku Klux Klan. He said the Republican healthcare plan was "Die Quickly." He compared the American healthcare system to the Holocaust. He called Webster a draft-dodger who doesn't love his country. He said Webster wants to bring back biblical stoning. Grayson wanted one of his critics to be jailed and fined merely for putting up a website about Grayson, appropriately titled There's much, much more I could say about this liberal problem child, but I want to get to the next video. compiled a fake Alan Grayson-like ad to use against...Alan Grayson. In it, they do what Grayson does. They take his words out of context and splice them together to come up with some creative new meanings. Townhall is doing it all in jest, of course, and it's pretty funny. Here's the video, which I call 'Alan Grayson Worships Satan.' Enjoy. Nobody has this coming more than Grayson does:

Polls have the turd Grayson trailing his opponent for the time being. Let's hope we can get this jerk out of Congress (even though I'm not a big fan of his opponent either). Almost anyone would be an improvement. Grayson is the 12th richest member of Congress, earning millions suing people as a lawyer prior to his current gig as the biggest buffoon in Congress. In lawyer-ese, I can only say, the "bar" doesn't get much lower than Alan Grayson.



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