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All Aboard The Gravy Train

By Da King Published: March 9, 2011

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) has discovered a way to fix the unemployment problem. It involves changing the Constitution and creating a bunch more rights for people. Listen up, y'all, and let Jesse drop some knowledge on ya:

They say the nut doesn't fall far from the tree. Seems so, but....

J.J. Jr's idea is so super-groovy !!! I only wonder why nobody thought of this sooner !!!! We can fix unemployment by creating Constitutional rights to things like houses, health care, education, ipods, and laptops !!! You see, if these things were Constitutional rights, people would HAVE to build these things and supply them to everyone, whether they wanted to or not !!! And if you can't afford to buy these things, then the government would step in and FORCE somebody else to buy them for you, because, hey, these things are Constitutional rights now !!! It would be the government's job to guarantee them !!! It's Fan-tastic !!!

And why stop there ??? Let's keep the gravy, er, I mean, the groovy train going !!! We can also create Constitutional rights to things like automobiles, central air conditioning, jet skis, food processors, fitness center memberships, broccoli, European vacations, NFL tickets, Playstation 3's, and so on and so forth. The list of new Constitutional rights would be virtually endless. I imagine we could keep people pretty darned busy if we MANDATED them by law to produce and pay for a whole bunch of products/rights for other people. Yes indeedy. We'd need a whole lot more government bureaucracy, regulations, and intervention to FORCE people to comply with all these new rights, of course, but that's alright, isn't it ? I mean, there wouldn't be any problems associated with this groovy new Rights-a-Palooza envisioned by Jesse Jr., would there ?

Nope. I can't think of anything.

Rep. Jr. continued his magnificent mental machinations by tying all jobs to the First Amendment. This is the foundational (ill)logic for all those new

handouts rights he wants to create. Here's Junior again, courtesy of Ace Of Spades:

I asked the Congressional Research Service the other day how many jobs are tied to the First Amendment, that amendment added to the Constitution in 1791 by the founders of our Republic. You know what they told me? Congressman, it is impossible to calculate how many jobs are tied to the First Amendment.

I said: Impossible to calculate? I said: Why?

He said because to be an American is tied to the First Amendment. He said: Congressman, you must understand--which I did--that all corporate activity in America is First Amendment activity.

Look at the jobs that come from the First Amendment: Washington Post, Washington Times; New York Post, New York Times; Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times; AM/FM, and all of the radio stations, First Amendment.

ABC, NBC, CBS, C-SPAN, all of the jobs, First Amendment.

Magazines, First Amendment.

iPods, iPhones, applications, First Amendment.

Time Square, First Amendment activity. Advertising, the Super Bowl, First Amendment activity.

All of these jobs--the original capitalists who came to the conclusion that this was worth protecting in our Constitution--established in the freedom system, the greatest jobs program in our Nation's history. They called it freedom of speech. And in that same amendment, they included freedom of religion.

Think about the jobs tied to 501(c)(3)s, 501(c)(4)s, 501(c)(5)s, all of that First Amendment activity. All charitable giving, all foundation activity, all tied to First Amendment activity.

As Ace said at the previous link, this is profoundly silly. It is also profoundly wrongheaded thinking by Rep. Jackson. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech and other rights, but it does so with a proscription against the government ("Congress shall make no law..."). Jackson's new "rights" would do just the opposite. They would empower the government to trample all over the rest of the Bill Of Rights and constitutional government restraints in order to provide people with the goodies the government deems appropriate. What Rep. Jackson is proposing is a natural outgrowth of the unconstitutional ObamaCare mandate, where the government decides what you need and then goes about mandating that you have it by whatever means necessary. It is the culmination of nanny state thinking, and it would render the free market nearly unrecognizable. Imagine the lobbying and corruption associated with a government that was deciding which company would get the contract for 50 million laptops or 100 million cell phones, and then imagine what would happen to the companies that didn't get those contracts. We'd be living in a totalitarian state in no time. The government would dominate industry as the entire economy became command-and-control from the top down.

And who would pay for all these new "rights", all this new free stuff ? Why you would, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, same as always...not that people like Jesse Jr. even bother to think about how to pay for things. That's not exciting. It's giving people all that free stuff that's exciting. That's how congressmen get votes ! We'll let some other generation worry about paying for stuff, as usual. Because we're the

gravy groovy train generation. We want the free stuff, and we want it now. And we call ourselves compassionate and generous as we bankrupt the future with our mindless, massive irresponsibility. It's all so gravy groovy.

The only mandate I'd be interested in regarding Rep. Jackson Jr. is a mandate that requires potential congressmen to pass IQ and Civics tests before they run for office. I'd like to mandate that Jesse Jackson Jr. acquire a few brain cells before he opens his yap.

I'll leave you with Ace's closing line at the previous link:

It's fun to mock an idiot like Jackson, Jr. but let's be honest, his "understanding" of what rights are and how the economy works is shared by a lot of people.

That's for sure. I call those people "liberals" for lack of a better word, and they scare the bejesus out of me.



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