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All Da King's Men

All The President's Men...And Women

By David King Published: May 11, 2013

The Executive Branch of the federal government withheld information from the public for political purposes during a presidential election. That's what happened with Benghazi, where the CIA talking points were scrubbed by the Executive Branch.

The Executive Branch of the federal government harassed members of the opposition. That's what happened when the IRS, which is under the scope of the Executive Branch (Treasury), unfairly targeted Tea Party groups prior to the 2012 presidential election.

This sounds an awful lot like...the second coming of Richard Nixon.

We're back to the days of - who knew what, and when did they know it ?

And naturally, the Obama administration isn't going to make the Benghazi e-mails public.

I wonder if there are any tapes.

I'm going to keep this short today, but if any of you haven't read the full transcript of the tortured press conference given by Obama's press secretary, Jay Carney (which took place after the administration's secret press briefing), you should. The entire White House press corps knew Carney was covering up and spinning. They asked him the same questions over and over again, because Carney wouldn't give them a straight answer. It was positively painful. I kept waiting for Carney to say "it depends what the meaning of the word "is" is".

Now I must go prepare for my coming IRS audit. I am not a crook.

Have a nice weekend.




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