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American Tax Discrimination

By Da King Published: April 4, 2009

The front of the Supreme Court building declares "equal justice under the law." The Declaration Of Independence states that "all men are created equal." The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says states must provide "equal protection under the law." We have many laws prohibiting discrimination.

But we don't mean it. Our government practices discrimination as standard practice. Many in government even say we don't discriminate enough. The source of the discrimination is the tax laws.

When one worker's labor is taxed at 10% and another worker's labor is taxed at 20%, what is that but discrimination ? The progressive nature of the income tax schedules is inherently discriminatory. The tax code itself is over 66,000 pages of repeated discriminations. The examples are nearly endless, which is why the tax code is so long. If we removed all the discriminatory content, the tax code could be contained on a single page.

Homeowners can deduct mortgage interest payments, renters cannot. You get a tax break to buy a hybrid automobile, but not to buy a different automobile. States and communities forego property taxes for one business, but not another. Married couples pay different effective tax rates than single persons. One person receives an earned income credit, another does not. Homeowners can receive energy efficiency tax credits, renters cannot. Government discriminates against smokers by taxing them to pay for health insurance for some other person's child. There are tax credits for retirement savings, children, adoption, education, solar panels, AMT, first time homebuyers, R&D, historic properties, water heaters, window, doors, skylights, and on and on and on. What can and cannot be deducted from your taxable income is the subject of endless debate and political manueverings. I could list a hundred more examples of discrimination in taxation.

Look at how the tax code has grown over time into the 66,000+ page monstrosity it has become today:

What this reveals is that the tax code has nothing to do with fairness. It has everything to do with government control and power. Both major political parties pretty much agree with tax code discrimination. They just argue about the extent of it. A few people, mostly conservatives, want to reduce the discrimination. A lot of other people, mostly liberals, want to increase it. (Ergo, the old joke about the Democrats ideal tax form, which has only two lines - 1. How much did you make ? 2. Send it in). In fact, I can almost hear liberals forming their "tax cuts for the rich" arguments as they are reading this. Those liberals are arguing in favor of more discrimination. They don't care about fairness. They only care about waging class warfare in a society which has no class boundaries. The liberal argument is about envy, not fairness.

The discriminatory and nearly incomprehensible tax code is one of government's biggest weapons against it's citizens. Even the Secretary Of The Treasury can't get his taxes right. Neither can the Congressman in charge of writing the tax code. There have been so many Obama cabinet nominees with tax problems that I'm losing track of them all. If these people can't keep things straight, how can the rest of us be expected to ? The tax code threatens to make criminals of us all.

Government taxes everything, even the dead, and it's never enough. The government hasn't lived within it's means in my lifetime. It took 212 years for the federal government's budget to reach $1.78 trillion in 1999. It has taken only ten years to double that number, with the current budget standing at $3.5 trillion. This indicates that the problem is not that there isn't enough taxation. No, it's quite the opposite. There's too much government spending. Our government is totally out of control.

And guess who's going to pay for it all ? YOU are. So are your children. And speaking of discrimination, and taxation without representation, what voice do the future taxpayers have in all the fiscal insanity taking place today ? When they come of age into a country with 50-60-80% tax rates, whose fault will that be ? It won't be theirs. It will be ours.

If we ever get our government under control and get rid of the wealth-destroying national debt, I'd propose an ideal tax form of my own - 1. How much did you make ? 2. Send in 10%. That would be fair, and it would discriminate against nobody.



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