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Another Day, Another $275 Billion

By Da King Published: February 20, 2009

President Obama met with 85 mayors today to tell them to spend their stimulus money responsibly. This strikes me as roughly equivalent to giving 85 alcoholics each a fifth of Jack Daniels and then telling them to drink responsibly. Right. Like that's gonna happen. The last I heard, the partisan breakdown of the group of mayors was 81 Democrats and 4 Republicans. I'm sure NBC will report this tonight as a "bipartisan group of mayors," with Obama "reaching across the aisle" to the Republicans because he gave each of the four a cookie or a glass of punch. I have a suggestion. Let's drop the word "bipartisan" from the political arena. There's nothing remotely resembling bipartisanship going on. The only reason the Democrats let Republicans Arlen Specter or Susan Collins be heard on the Porkulus monstrosity was because they needed their votes to pass it. No more, no less.

If you've recovered from the $1 trillion sticker stock of Porkulus (I haven't), well, BOHICA (bend over here it comes again). Saint Barack of Hopenchange has gazed down upon his flock from the mountaintop, saw homeowners who might default on their mortgages, and asked himself "What Would Jesus Do ?" He decided Jesus would rob Peter to pay Paul, and announced a government program to steal another $275 billion in future taxpayer money to bail out those poor unfortunate lambs who irresponsibly bought more house than they can afford.

One comforting note - $275 billion doesn't sound like so much money anymore, even though it is. When compared to the $3 trillion we've spent so far on the worst economic crisis in the entire history of the Federation Of Planets, it almost sounds like chicken feed.

This reminds me of a time many years ago when, due to some adversity called "life," I found myself living in a house I couldn't afford. My solution was to move to a cheaper place I could afford, but that was prior to the new Obamequality. If only I'd known. I could have gone to my neighbor and forced him to pay my mortgage. Alas, I didn't feel entitled to do that. At the time, I had some apparently misguided ideas about being responsible for my own decisions. I know now that my parents and teachers must have been pulling my leg when they taught me such failed ideas from the past.

Vive le stinking revolucion.



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