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Arabs Spring

By David King Published: September 14, 2012


Thousands of American Christian protestors stormed the British embassy In Washington D.C. today in protest of the Monty Python movie, Life Of Brian, which mocks Christianity. The protestors murdered the British ambassador and set the embassy afire. Protestors in other western countries took to the streets in a show of Christian solidarity, chanting "Death To Great Brittain !!!" and "There is but one religion, Christian !!!". Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton condemned the Python movie, calling it "disgusting" and "reprehensible". Protestors also ransacked and burned the HBO television studio where the program Real Time With Bill Maher is filmed. Maher, a high-profile Christian basher, has gone into hiding, and now communicates only via e-mail, using the pseudonym Theo Kratzinger. As the violent Christian protests escalate, fears of worlwide Christian terrorist attacks mount. A group called the Christian Brotherhood has demanded that insults to Christianity become criminal offenses, saying free speech should not extend to such "barbaric aggression" as the Python film, which humiliates Christians.

In the Middle East, Muslim leaders called for the enraged Christians to "Take a chill pill, already. This is not how civilized people behave".




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