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Lieberman Outs Bolsheviks

By Da King Published: March 31, 2008

When a lifelong liberal thinks the Democratic party has moved too far to the left, maybe it's time for the Dems to do some self-reevaluation. Senator Joe Lieberman (I-Conn), former Democratic vice presidential nominee only 8 short years ago, described the Dems hard left turn during an interview with George Stephanopolous. See the video here.

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Saddam's Documents

By Da King Published: March 29, 2008

Remember those 600,000 pages of Iraqi documents that were found during Operation Iraqi Freedom ? Some, but not all, have now been translated, and the Department Of Defense (DOD) has published redacted versions online, along with conclusions about Saddam's links to terrorism.

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The Next Commander In Chief

By Da King Published: March 29, 2008

As the Clinton/Obama mud-slinging festival continues, voters must be confused. Should they reject Hillary for making things up out of thin air, or should they reject Obama for hanging with his racist pastor for 20 years ? Decisions, decisions. The voters COULD look at the issues, but good luck finding any differences between the two candidates there. They both serve the same puppetmaster. It's said 'Vive le difference !', but in this case, there's no difference to vive. Instead, let's look to one of the Democratic heavyweight deep thinkers, DNC head Howard Dean (the Democrat's answer to Dan Quayle) for a suggestion.

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Obama's Views On Iraq Have Changed

By Da King Published: March 27, 2008

On the campaign trail, Barack Obama's view of the Iraq war is unqualified. "I WILL END THE WAR IN IRAQ !" Obama bellows to thunderous applause. That is his promise, that is what his supporters want, and that's why they support him. When I heard Obama speak in person, his unqualified statement about ending the war in Iraq brought his largest applause of the day, by far. In Ohio, Obama's second most popular position was probably his opposition to NAFTA, but now we all know he was just kidding about that, as was Hillary. You got played, Ohio. Never forget that the Hopester and Clinton 2.0 are above all, politicians. They are masters at telling people what they want to hear.

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The Queen Prefers A Coup

By Da King Published: March 26, 2008

Advocates of an american troop pullout from Iraq say the establishment of a democratic government cannot be accomplished in that country. Hillary Clinton is one such advocate. Her cynical view of Iraq makes more sense today, since it turns out Hillary doesn't much favor democracy in america either. After all the caucuses and primaries that have been held, after millions of americans have expressed their voices at the polls, Queen Hillary The First said the following, according to a Newsmax story:

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Parents Nyet, State Da

By Da King Published: March 25, 2008

Parents "do not have a constitutional right to home school their children," wrote California appellate Justice Walter Croskey.

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Buckeye Business Blues

By Da King Published: March 25, 2008

According to an Associated Press story, more Ohioans than ever are on food stamps, nearly one in ten.

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Did Deregulation Cause the Subprime Crisis ?

By Da King Published: March 24, 2008

The short answer is...yes, it did. It made the mortgage banking industry much more speculative than it was under the former Depression-era banking regulations. The Depression-era banking regulations were designed to, not surprisingly, protect against severe economic recessions and depressions (like maybe what we are moving into now ?)

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What's Good For The Goose...

By Da King Published: March 20, 2008

When Barack Obama gave his speech about race and racism the other day, he more or less fessed up to one thing...that he was not being honest when he said he had never heard Rev. Jeremiah Wright make racist, hate-filled, anti-american statements. Here's Obama Version 1 versus Obama Version 2:

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Primary Ponderings

By Da King Published: March 17, 2008

Democrats cried 'voter disenfranchisement !' in the 2000 presidential elections.

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Obama On Wright

By Da King Published: March 15, 2008

Dems Bump Uglies

By Da King Published: March 14, 2008

No, this isn't about Eliot Spitzer, but I do have a quick word about him. It seems that the tv networks couldn't bring themselves to mention Spitzer's political party association after his sex scandal broke. Weird, huh ? It's funny, because when there's a Republican scandal, the fact that the guy's a Republican is ALWAYS in the lead sentence of the story. In fact, it was only recently that I learned Larry Craig's first name wasn't actually 'Republican', because the networks ALWAYS refer to him as 'Republican Larry Craig'. I thought 'Larry' was his middle name. Not that there's a liberal media or anything.

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The Emperor's Club

By Da King Published: March 12, 2008

The Emperor's that the 796 Democratic superdelegates who are poised to trump the will of the people at their whim during the Democratic primaries ? Or is that the Democratic National Committee, who disenfranchised voters in two entire states during the Democratic primaries ?

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Left Wing Lunatics

By Da King Published: March 8, 2008

As we begin to see signs that the american left wing terrorism machine is ramping up again, I find myself longing for the days when all the moonbats did was shout down conservative speakers on college campuses and create elaborate loony consipracy theories. They are moving well beyond that now, as they adopt the tactics of some other infamous fascist groups, like Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Consider some recent evidence:

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Seeking The Democratic Presidential Nomination

By Da King Published: March 7, 2008

My fellow americans,

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Obama's Fave Five

By Da King Published: March 5, 2008

Oops. The messiah stumbled yesterday. Barack Obama's aura of inevitability took a hit, as he was defeated by Hillary Clinton in Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island. Obama did win in Vermont (and two Vermont towns noted for their liberal politics voted to arrest Bush and Cheney. Coincidence ? It's doubtful).

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The Difference On Iraq

By Da King Published: March 3, 2008

Whose Side Is Congress On ?

By Da King Published: March 2, 2008

The price of oil is at an all-time high, having recently reached $105 per barrel. As a result, we are paying more for gasoline at the pump than ever before. Democrats, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, continually blame the high price on George W. Bush, as if Bush personally sets the market price, or as if Bush policies drive up the cost of oil (and Dems do have at least one point there: war). You hear a lot of talk from Democrats about Bush having buddies in the oil industry, or Bush being a former oilman himself. What you don't hear from Democrats is how THEIR policies have consistently driven up the price of oil, have inhibited the production of domestic oil, have resulted in america importing more oil from foreign countries, have driven up our trade deficit, and have funded our enemies. Such Democratic policies include: forbidding drilling in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), forbidding offshore drilling increases, imposing so many regulations that no new oil refineries have been built since the 1970's, high taxes on gasoline, a virtual ban on more nuclear energy......

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