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Bubba Backs Tea Parties....And Then Doesn't

By Da King Published: September 21, 2010

With Democrats knowing the presence of President Obama on the campaign trail is a negative for them, they've trotted out a Democrat who has some economic bonafides, former President Bill Clinton. Under Clinton's leadership, along with his Republican-led Congress, this country made some strides towards balancing the federal budget. Since Clinton's presidency, the country has pursued fiscal irresponsiblity like a shopaholic with a dozen no-limit platinum cards. The worst President of all in this regard has been Obama, who has run up unprecedented levels of debt.

Bubba is the first Democrat I've heard who recognizes the value of the Tea Party movement. From Politico:

Former President Bill Clinton is advising Democrats to pay attention to the grass-roots tea party movement and to talk openly about fiscal concerns ahead of November’s midterm elections.

There are a lot of real people in this tea party movement that are saying something everyone should hear — which is, ‘Seems like everyone but average Americans are doing all right here. The people that caused the financial crisis are all back in great shape,’” Clinton said in a joint interview with Yahoo and the Huffington Post released over the weekend.

Exactly, Mr. President. Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Taxpayer don't like it when they have to bailout every powerful special interest under the sun. They also don't like it when the federal government spends their hard-earned tax dollars like there's no tomorrow, swamping future generations under a mountain of debt. Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer have children, and they'd like to see those children have a shot at the American Dream, or what's left of it.

Because President Clinton is a Democrat, he also felt compelled to point out what is wrong with the Tea Partiers:

Still, Clinton said that while he understands the general concerns of tea party activists, the anti-government rhetoric and the energy behind the movement would be a destructive force.

The problem is that if you look at the financial energy behind the tea party movement, it’s not about restricting abuse of big public and private power,” Clinton said. “It’s about destroying the role of government in our life so that private centers of power will be untrammeled, and I don’t think that’s good for average Americans.”

This is exactly wrong, Mr. President. You can't say the Tea Party movement is "not about restricting abuse of big public and private power" when the Tea Partiers are the ones working against the cabal of big public and private power working in tandem to screw the taxpayers out of trillions of dollars. If the Tea Partiers had their way, the bad actors in business would be out of business now, instead of having their bad actions rescued and made whole by their government benefactors. It was the Democrats and Republicans who kowtowed to private power (especially the Democrats), not the Tea Party movement. The very genesis of the Tea Party movement is traceable to a backlash against those bailouts of the rich and powerful.

The Tea Party movement also does not wish to "destroy the role of government in our life," as Clinton contends. The Tea Partiers are not anarchists, for chrissake. They are advocates of limited government, as the Constitution demands. I can see why a Democrat like Clinton might think that is a "destructive force," but it isn't. It's just the opposite. If we have learned anything since 2008, it is that the existing all-powerful governments in Washington D.C. insured that "private centers of power will be untrammeled." The existing governments made them all whole. It was Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer who got trampled, and that's who the Tea Party is speaking up for.

And now for a veer off into the Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction department. Guess who else is trying to cozy up to Tea Party fiscal conservatism just in time for the fall elections ???

None other than the King Of All Spenders himself, Barack Obama. From the New York Post:

Defying the boundaries of political absurdity, President Obama shed his Red coat yesterday and locked bayonets with Republicans in hopes of aligning himself with the anti-establishment Tea Party and its mantle of "Don't Tread on Me." Calling the movement part of a "noble" American tradition, Obama whined that Tea Partiers have simply misidentified the real culprits in Washington.

It's those untax-and-spend Republicans, he insisted.

Not wise and frugal Democratic statesmen such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and himself. OBAMA now says he thinks skepticism of the federal government is healthy. And, suddenly, he says he now believes in a limited, fiscally conservative government.

And people say Glenn Beck is crazy?

This is the same guy who spent $787 billion we did not have on a stimulus plan that has yet to create very many jobs.

This is the same guy who believes the federal government should be responsible for the health-care needs of everybody in the country and spent another roughly $1 trillion in money we don't have to buy us a government program we did not want.

And this is the man who has spent money we do not have at such a blistering pace that in the first 19 months of his administration, he racked up more public debt than every one of his predecessors from George Washington to Ronald Reagan. Combined!

But no worries. Obama is really going to fix things now.

"We've proposed to freeze discretionary spending for three years, to start whittling down some of the debt that I inherited," he bleated yesterday.

THAT would be like former President Bush showing up in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina all hapless and offering the use of his kitchen sponge to soak up some of the flooding.

So, Obama is the responsible fiscal conservative now?

What's next?

Obama becomes one of those crazy "birthers" his administration used to spend so much time attacking? But forget demanding to see his birth certificate or inquiring whether he was born in America.

The real question is becoming: What planet is the guy from?

See, Tea Partiers ? Obama is really one of you. He "feels your pain." Obama trotted that old Clinton line out on the campaign trail last week too. Obama is a fiscal conservative now. Gosh, how could we have been so wrong about him all this time ? A few trillion bucks in new spending during his first year in office and we all just jumped to conclusions, I suppose. Btw, that idea to freeze discretionary spending was one GOP Minority Leader John Boehner put forth a couple weeks ago, when Obama was saying Boehner had no new ideas that weren't the same as Bush's.

Elections make people say and do crazy things. Reality is turned upside down for partisan political gain. Why, the next thing you know, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) might try something nutty like attaching a repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell and passage of his Dream Act amnesty for illegals to a bill to fund the troops, in order to attempt to mislead the public further in time for the elections....

Oops, too late. Reid has already done that. I can hardly wait for Reid to start saying Republicans are against funding the troops, when what they will really object to is the DREAM Act. That phony blather will probably start after today's vote on the troop funding/Don't Ask Don't Tell/DREAM Act bill.

Can't wait....until november arrives, that is.



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