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80 Million To Lose Insurance Under ObamaCare ?

By David King Published: November 27, 2013

There is a report stating that 80 million people could lose their insurance because their existing plans don't meet ObamaCare requirements. Here is the gist of it:

Stan Veuger of the American Enterprise Institute said that in addition to the individual cancellations, "at least half the people on employer plans would by 2014 start losing plans as well." There are approximately 157 million employer health care policy holders.

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Dealing With Iran

By David King Published: November 25, 2013

I don't write about Iran or Middle East foreign policy a whole lot. That's mostly because I can't make up my mind about it. I waver back and forth between thinking we should have nothing to do with the Middle East at all, and thinking we should continue to fight the radical Islamists. Because writing noncommital, two-minded blog posts wouldn't be very interesting, I've been shying away from the subject.

But I do know one thing for sure - I don't want Iran to have nuclear weapons. I don't want any country that has 'Death To America' for a slogan to have nuclear weapons. In other words, I have a survival instinct. As the outlaw Josey Wales said, "dyin' ain't much of a livin', boy". When it comes to Iran and nukes, you could say I'm pro-gun control.

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Democrat Aides Whine About Obamacare Costs

By David King Published: November 23, 2013

This story is my favorite of the week.

Beware what you ask for, Democrats:

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Filibuster Nuked: The Arrogance Of Power

By David King Published: November 22, 2013

Welcome to installment #52,486 of Politicians Are Big Fat Liars And That's Why You Can't Trust Them And Should Never Vote To Hand Them Control Over Your Lives.

Or, in other words, it's friday.

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Economic Lies

By David King Published: November 21, 2013

According to a whistleblower, the federal Census Bureau faked unemployment data just prior to the 2012 election, making the unemployment rate appear lower than it really was. A Census employee named Julius Buckmon said he was ordered to fabricate unemployment information by higher-ups at Census. The source also said the unemployment manipulation went far beyond just this one employee. Because a falling unemployment rate would clearly benefit the incumbent, President Barack Obama, and because the Census Bureau is under the authority of the Executive branch of government, which is led by that very same President Barack Obama, this report raises some very disturbing questions.

In response to the report, the Census Bureau promptly claimed there was "no systemic manipulation" of the jobs report, and White House mouthpiece Jay Carney said the report was "obviously misleading". Hmmm. This brings to mind the IRS's claim that it wasn't systematically targeting conservative groups for two years prior to the 2012 election. That turned out to be a big old lie. Fool me once... It's time for a full investigation.

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Barry's Commune

By David King Published: November 20, 2013

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" - Marxist slogan

Above, we have the ideological principle behind Obamacare. If you "need" help paying for health insurance, the government gives it to you in the form of subsidies or Medicaid. If you don't "need" help, and have the "ability" to pay for your own insurance, then the government charges you more in the form of both premiums and taxes.

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50 Years After JFK

By David King Published: November 19, 2013

President John F. Kennedy has become a mythical figure in American history. Politicians on both sides of the aisle invoke his words and memory (sometimes even accurately !). JFK's assassination on November 22, 1963 is widely seen as a sort of death of American innocence. If you are of my generation, you probably remember exactly where you were when you found out our President had been killed. It was the violent end of Camelot. It is also the touchstone for conspiracy theorists everywhere. In my opinion, every American conspiracy theory created since JFK...has something to do with JFK. If you couldn't believe the official government explanation in 1963, you can't believe it now either, and most Americans don't believe the Warren Commission report.

The problem with JFK assassination theories is, there is so much misinformation out there that it's hard to know what to believe. Oliver Stone's fictional movie comes to mind, along with a host of books on the subject. JFK assassination books are practically a cottage industry. You can find one to support whatever assassination theory you choose to believe. I don't want to waste time debating the various theories here, but I'll give you my opinion. I stress that this is only my opinion, because I don't have all the facts. Maybe we will find out more by 2017, when all remaining documents about JFK are supposed to be released. Or maybe we won't.

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Obamacare: The Week That Was

By David King Published: November 15, 2013

There is something really strange going on at the White House this week. Obama has begun telling the truth (occasionally) about Obamacare. I'm not used to that. Things must be getting pretty desperate over there for him to resort to such drastic measures.

From The Hill:

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Left-Wing Paradise, Due South

By David King Published: November 13, 2013

Today, I have great news for my far left buddies, those who believe any political beliefs at odds with Karl Marx constitutes right-wing extremism. You know who you are.

Socialists, I have found just the country for you. Behold the utopia called Venezuela, where they know how to treat "bourgeois parasites" (these so-called parasites are known as "retail stores" to the non-brainwashed):

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Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

By David King Published: November 9, 2013

The Senate passed legislation to prevent workplace discrimination again lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered people (LGBT):

For the first time, the U.S. Senate approved legislation that would protect gay, lesbian and transgender employees from discrimination in the workplace.

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Climate, Change

By David King Published: November 5, 2013

President Obama signed an executive order called "Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change". The order was pretty vague, but it's clear that our President believes something bad is going to happen/is happening regarding the weather. I can't really blame him. Lots of climate scientists have been sounding the alarm bell, and it's true that the planet has warmed a degree or so over the last century.

The earth has always warmed and cooled throughout it's multi-billion year history, but climate scientists like those at the United Nations (UN) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) say this time things are different. They say rising levels of a minor greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), which comprises roughly 0.038% of the earth's atmosphere, is driving the warming now, and the cause of the rising CO2 levels is that scourge of the earth we call - mankind. Thus, we have to do something about it, and thus President Obama's vague executive order.

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Top Hospitals Opting Out Of Obamacare

By David King Published: November 2, 2013

Add this to the Obamacare glitch list. My jaw nearly hit the floor when I read about it. From U.S. News And World Report:

The Obama Administration has been claiming that insurance companies will be competing for your dollars under the Affordable Care Act, but apparently they haven't surveyed the nation's top hospitals.

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