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CBO Says ObamaCare Will Kill 800,000 Jobs

By Da King Published: February 11, 2011

Here's the video:

Nice to find this out nearly a year AFTER ObamaCare passed, isn't it ? Looks like the Republicans were on target after all when they named their ObamaCare repeal effort 'Repealing The Job Killing Health Care Law Act".

In January, noted liberal dunce Ezra Klein of the Washington Post/Newsweek, and a regular MSNBC contributor, tried to spin the ObamaCare job loss info this way:

the [CBO] report never says the bill will kill jobs. What it says, rather, is that the law will slightly reduce labor.

Huh ? ObamaCare won't kill jobs, it will just "reduce labor" ???? That's the same thing. Labor IS jobs. I suppose we shouldn't expect any better from Klein, whose previous inane statements include this one from December, where Klein attempted to argue that the Constitution "has no binding power on anything". I bet that came as a newsflash to the Supreme Court:

"The issue with the Constitution is not that people don’t read the text and think they’re following it. The issue with the Constitution is that the text is confusing because it was written more than a hundred years ago".

Um, that oh-so-confusing Constitution was adopted in 1787. For the enlightenment of the mathematically-and-constitutionally-challenged Klein, that was over 223 years ago, not over one hundred years ago. My only question is, why does the Washington Post employ this idiot ?

Klein gives us further clarification on how ObamaCare will not kill jobs as it does kill them:

"It's not that employers will fire workers. It's that potential workers -- particularly older ones -- will retire somewhat earlier. "The expansion of Medicaid and the availability of subsidies through the exchanges will effectively increase beneficiaries’ financial resources. Those additional resources will encourage some people to work fewer hours or to withdraw from the labor market."

I consider this to be the perfect liberal argument, an example of completely nonsensical and backwards thinking. Here, Klein is saying that people will voluntarily choose to leave the labor market earlier because their new ObamaCare entitlement will enable them to do so. So, in addition to there being fewer workers (and thus less government revenue), we will have more people dependent on the government for survival (more government spending). Let's see, what happens when we have less government revenue and more government spending ? One of two things - either we raise taxes or we have larger deficits and debt. Only a liberal of Klein's (low) caliber could spin this into a positive, even if he was telling the truth, which he isn't. ObamaCare will "reduce labor" by placing more burdens on employers, allowing them to hire fewer workers. Klein didn't even mention this in his hack article.

Ezra the mental midget actually compared tax cuts to ObamaCare, by saying that tax cuts also enable people to stop working earlier by "shifting financial resources". This dolt is starting to make my head hurt. People keeping their own money and retiring is completely different than people retiring via government dependence. People who retire early with their own money AREN'T DEPENDENT ON THE GOVERNMENT. They are self-supporting. They aren't consuming the resources of other taxpayers. Even though retired, they are therefore still PRODUCTIVE in the economy. They spend their own money. I swear, we could reduce liberal loons like Klein by 95% if we made them all take courses in Basic Economics. Unfortunately, those liberal loons would expect somebody else to pay for those courses.

Ezra Klein is actually advancing the idea of having fewer workers as a plus. As I said, it's the perfect nonsensical liberal argument. Klein is advancing the ball toward a more non-working, non-productive society of idle people dependent on the government for their survival. Way to go, Ezra. We already have a big problem with paying for future entitlements, and Klein is endorsing the exacerbation of that very problem. Why does this guy have a job again ? Somebody actually pays him money to spew this ignorance ? Unbelievable.

P.S. - It will probably take about five seconds for liberal loons reading this post to morph it into "King hates the poor". Begin the countdown. 5...4...3...2...



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