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Census Worker's Death Ruled Suicide

By Da King Published: November 25, 2009

When Kentucky census worker Bill Sparkman's body was found hanging from a tree in september with the letters 'FED' scrawled across his chest, left wing moonbats went, well, moonbatty. They instantly leapt to the conclusion that conservatives were to blame, without knowing the facts of the case. They blamed everything they could label as conservative - Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Michelle Bachmann (R-MN), all the conservatives on talk radio, Fox News, the Tea Party movement, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), etc, etc, etc, etc. The moonbats went hissy-fit crazy, spreading their irrational fears of a Great Right-Wing Murderous Rampage all across the land. Our local liberal loon here at, the Reverend at the Blog Of Mass Destruction, wrote a piece called 'Has The War Begun ?', which contained such pearls of hate-filled non-wisdom as this:

Now, it would be easy for me to attribute this heinous act as part and parcel of the larger conservative hate-Obama-government movement. A result of endless conservative gasbag rhetoric over ACORN and the upcoming Census in 2010….or the frenzy of anti-government emotions witnessed in the incoherent TeaBagger and 9-12'er movements.

Make no mistake…..this murder looks like a political assassination, much like the Dr. George Tiller assassination a few months ago by the conservative culture warrior Scott Roeder. If, in the end, that proves to be the case….the hanging of Bill Sparkman, a very nice man who worked as a substitute teacher in Kentucky public schools and part time for the Census, may come to be known as one of the earliest victims in America's new domestic war of the 21st century.

And in the comments section of that blog article, the Reverend went on:

if anyone has read this year's Blog of Mass Destruction offerings, I have been warning against upcoming violence by unhinged right wingers,….violence, which I suggested was being drummed up by ultra-conservative hatemongers in conservative media.

If this hanging is shown to be a political murder, then what I've been warning about is now happening, and most likely, will continue to happen. When will the Becks and Limbaughs stop inciting violence?


And now we know that Sparkman was, indeed, murdered…..with his Census ID duct taped to his neck. We also know that the word "fed" was written on his chest with a felt-tipped pen.

Nothing revealed so far discredits my post in any way. You may not like that….but it is what it is.

If it seems like I'm picking on the poor unhinged Reverend, I'm really not. I could have cited liberal bloggers from any number of left-wing websites who were saying the same things, and even worse, but the Rev's words came first to my mind, due to our ongoing political blogging conversations.

Now, the facts of the Sparkman case have come out. We know Bill Sparkman's death was ruled a suicide, staged by Sparkman himself:

...investigators noticed the foot-tall letters scrawled in black felt-tip pen looked like they could have been written by the victim himself, and they soon found out that he believed he had cancer, had two insurance policies worth $600,000, and had an adult son in need of money.

Investigators said Tuesday what they had been hinting at for weeks, that Bill Sparkman's hanging was a ruse to mask his suicide for a big insurance payout.

The key clue was the lack of defense wounds — the only visible marks on his body were a furrow around his neck and insect bites.

"Underneath the tape there was no trauma, and that's what I always want to look for," said Dr. Cristin Rolf, deputy state medical examiner. "If there is ever a homicide, a healthy person would put up a good fight and you would see injury and trauma to the neck and to the arms."

On Sept. 12, the Kentucky resident drove his Chevy pickup — packed with a rope, a roll of duct tape and some red rags — deep into the Kentucky woods, where outsiders are mostly treated with distrust and apprehension. He stripped down to his socks and walked to a nearby cemetery.

He taped his ankles and wrists, but his wrists were bound so loosely that he had considerable mobility, leaving investigators to believe he could have done the taping himself, authorities said. He scrawled the word "fed" upside down on his chest, taped his Census Bureau ID to his head, stuck a red cloth into his mouth and placed another piece of tape over it.

Sparkman then strung a rope from a tree, placed a noose around his neck, and leaned forward, using his own body weight to cut off oxygen to his brain, investigators said.

There was no homicide, and certainly no beginnings of some imaginary right-wing war. There were just a bunch of left-wing moonbats trying to politicize one poor man's death in order to demonize conservative free speech. It's a familiar tactic of the left, and it's become quite tired and dishonest.

The elephant-sized irony of this is, when there is an actual act of movement-inspired violence in America, such as the Fort Hood jihadist attack (or the number of other jihad-related attacks or attempted attacks on America), the very same moonbats who attempted to falsely paint Sparkman's suicide as conservative movement violence are the ones who DENY the jihadist motives for violence. The moonbats condemn conservatives for even saying the words 'jihadist' or 'terrorist.' Go figure. This leads me to conclude that maybe the war HAS begun. It's just not the one the moonbats are creating with their fevered conspiracy theories. Maybe the war that has begun is the Moonbat War On Sanity. Or maybe I've just read one Reverend blog post too many. One of his latest efforts tries to equate Catholics denying some parishioners communion to the slaughter of the Fort Hood mass murderer. That's crazy on steroids. Maybe I should just opt out.



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