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By Da King Published: April 26, 2011

The new format has presented some challenges, and I'm working with to get some of the issues corrected. If anyone has any complaints, register them here (if you can. Getting comments posted is one of the issues). I have a couple issues I'm currently trying to get addressed, namely...

Issue - Commenters receive e-mail notifications every time somebody replies to one of their comments. This one drove me nuts because as moderator, I receive e-mails every time anyone comments. I was getting lots of e-mails.

Solution - If you are registered through DISQUS, login to your account and select SETTINGS. There you can disable the e-mail notification feature. If you are registered through Facebook or one of the other facilities, I assume there is a way to turn off the notification feature on those also.

Issue - When typing a comment, the comment text disappears when you get to the line that says 'POST AS". I don't have a solution to this one yet, but I will update this post when I do.

Issue - You type in a comment and it disappears, never showing up on the blog. This happens when the system doesn't know who you are. I've had this happen to me, though I'm not sure why the system doesn't know who I am after I've logged in. The system accepts the comment text and flags it as being from 'Anonymous'. I can see these comments, but you can't.

A couple fixes have already been implemented. The order of the comments should be better (first to last), and a relatively accurate count of the total number of comments is being tallied now.

I'm going to make's tech guy aware of this post so he can track issues here as well.



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