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Congress Critters And PC Pros

By Da King Published: May 10, 2010

I haven't had time to generate a new post for nearly a week now, so I have a few different topics I want to comment upon briefly.
The other day I heard NBC news bemoaning the fact that Rep. David Obey (D-WI) will not seek re-election. NBC practically deified the guy in it's failed attempt at accurate reportage. I assume the rest of the non-Fox News teevee media did the same, being that the rest really ARE the same (Democrats). I'd like to add my two cents about Obey. He is the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, and is therefore more responsible than any other Congressperson for the explosion in federal spending over the last years. He wrote the stimulus bill boondoggle, and was instrumental in constructing and passing ObamaCare, which will raise everyone's health insurance premiums, raise spending further, raise taxes, create a massive new entitlement, and insert the federal government between doctor and patient.

Btw, Obey said his only regret about the stimulus bill was that it wasn't LARGER. I'm not kidding.

People like Obey are the problem with Congress. Good riddance.
Barack Obama's presidential election victory has two definite positive aspects. First, it showed that African-Americans can win major elections in the United States, and second, 32 African Americans are running for Congress this Republicans, according to the New York times. The Times claims this is the biggest black Republican surge since Reconstruction. I seriously doubt that, but I'm sure all liberal groups will come out publicly to celebrate the new-found diversity within the Republican party (that was sarcasm, in case my left-leaning readers missed it).
Speaking of Congress, guess who's ba-a-ack and running for Congress in Ohio ? Former Democrat James Traficant from Youngstown, who served nine terms in Congress before serving seven years in prison for bribery, tax evasion, and obstruction. This is just one more example of the "most ethical Congress in history," as Nancy Pelosi called her Democrat cronies after they took over from the "culture of corruption," which is how Nan described the former Republican-led Congress. Being a felon doesn't prohibit one from running for Congress. I guess the thinking is - without criminals being eligible, how could they possible fill all those Congressional seats ?
Here's the funniest thing I heard about all week.

The Phoenix Suns NBA basketball team donned jerseys emblazoned with the words 'Los Suns' to protest the new Arizona law targeting illegal immigrants. In addition to the incorrect grammar (the correct English-to-Spanish translation of 'The Suns' is 'Los Soles,') and in addition to the fact that Suns owner Robert Tarver, who supports the Suns protest, owns a number of banks which received $140 million in TARP bailout funds (if he really needed the money, maybe he should have sold the basketball team before grabbing taxpayer cash), the Washington Times made a great suggestion:

"[W]hile millionaire athletes become walking billboards for a political cause, the state of Arizona might want to review the terms of its relationship with the Suns. If Mr. Sarver wants to use his team to push a political agenda, perhaps citizens can push back. Imagine Phoenix residents channeling the spirits of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. by turning up en masse to Suns games, sneaking in without tickets, demanding special services like free food and access to box seats, overtaxing arena security and ruining the game for the people with tickets. They can call it a celebration of diversity."

I love it. Let's see how the Suns owner would react to people crashing HIS gate. I'm certain his reaction would be quite different. I'm also wondering when Prez Obama, an NBA fan, is going to weigh in on how greedy those professional athletes are for making so much money. Maybe the Los Suns should redistribute THEIR wealth to the illegals. Let's see how long their protest lasts then.
I know how disappointed the Leftmedia was when the Times Square bomber turned out to be yet another Muslim jihadist, rather than the violent right-wing Tea Party nut the left has been dreaming about and masturbating over for better than a year now. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Fox News Democrat Bob Beckel, MSNBC's Contessa Brewer, and even Geraldo Rivera all salivated over the prospect of a potential white male Tea party Times Square bomber. A Daily Kos poll had 8% thinking it was a jihadist, and about 80% thinking it was a Tea Partier or a right-wing anti-Obama nut of some kind. That is some serious wishful thinking.

I commisserate, lefties. Your thin-skinned political correctness nerves must be getting very frayed by now with the complete absence of Tea Party violence, especially when we are witnessing one violent left-wing protest after another, both here and around the world. I wish the Left better luck in the future. Hopefully, an unhinged Tea Party affiliate will blow up an IRS building soon and kill hundreds of people so you left-wing pr*cks can feel all happy and righteous again (and yes, that was sarcasm too, mixed in with a heaping tablespoon of disgust).

I do commend our brilliant Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, who made the following statement immediately after the Times Square bombing attempt. "We're treating it as if it could be a potential terrorist attack," said Secretary Master Of The Obvious. Gee, ya think ?

Finally, when Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) was asked about the Tea Party movement, Carson, unfazed by reality, chose to fixate upon the "real" threat:

"I worked in homeland security. I'm from intelligence, and I'll tell you, one of the largest threats to our internal security -- I mean terrorism has an Islamic face -- but it really comes from racial supremacist groups. Its the kind of thing we keep a threat assessment on record [for]."

Notice how Carson sickeningly equates the Tea Party movement with white supremacist groups. Could he be a former....Reverend ? Also of interest is how Carson says the "real" threat doesn't come from jihadists. It's white people we need to worry about. This dude needs PC-ectomy surgery very, very soon.

(Note to liberals - I'm not saying true white supremacist groups don't need to be watched. They do, but the Tea Party movement is NOT one of those groups. Andre Carson is being racist by pretending it is).



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