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Costs Of The Obama Doctrine

By Da King Published: March 30, 2011

The war in Afghanistan is costing us over $9 billion per month. The entire GDP of Afghanistan is $11.75 billion PER YEAR. We've been in Afghanistan nearly a decade, and Obama has us committed there until 2014. I was in favor of fighting this war, but it seems increasingly useless as time goes on...and on...and on.

The Libyan war has cost us $600 million in six days. On monday, President Obama assured us "we've done what we set out to do" in Libya, while reiterating his promise not to commit American ground troops or force regime change in Libya. It was, you know, "mission accomplished" in Libya. On tuesday, Qaddafi's ground forces shelled the rebels, forcing them to retreat. Maybe Qaddafi's cable teevee was knocked out by the coalition bombing and he didn't know Obama had beaten him. I don't know. It is rumored that White House advisors assembled to deal with this latest turn of events, working long into the night to figure out a way to blame Bush if the Libyan situation deteriorates further.

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton tried to clear up one big question, which is, 'who are these Libyan rebels we're fighting for ?':

Clinton admitted at the London Conference on Libya that met March 29 attended by about forty foreign ministers and UN Secretary General that her administration officials "do not know as much as we would like to" about the [rebel] interim national council (INC).

Meanwhile in Washington the same day, Admiral James Stavridis, Nato's supreme allied commander in Europe, told the Senate Intelligence Committee that intelligence analysis had revealed "flickers" of al-Qaida or Hezbollah presence inside the Libyan rebel movement, and argued it required further study

We may not know who the flickering Libyan rebels are yet, but we are prepared to arm them. Secretary Clinton said, "It is our interpretation that [UN Security Council resolution] 1973 amended or overrode the absolute prohibition on arms to anyone in Libya, so that there could be a legitimate transfer of arms if a country should choose to do that.’ I'll go out on a limb here and suggest that when Clinton said if "a country" should choose to arm the rebels, she meant the United States.

On the homefront, gas prices have hit $4 per gallon in some parts of the country, prompting an Obama address to the nation on Wednesday:

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama, under pressure to respond to rising gas prices, will outline Wednesday a series of initiatives to cut the nation's reliance on foreign oil, including new initiatives to expand oil production, increase the use of natural gas to power vehicles and increase production of ethanol.

Mr. Obama will put forward an overall goal of reducing oil imports by one third over a decade, with half the reduction from decreasing consumption and half from increasing domestic supply, according to two people briefed by the White House.

Looks like reality has popped another fictitious liberal bubble inside our fearless leader's head. Now it seems Obama realizes America needs to explore and produce more of it's own oil. Good for him. Even the slow learners should be encouraged, though it's not typical to put them in the White House first and then get them up to speed later. On second thought, maybe it is typical:

The administration on Tuesday sought to focus attention on oil companies, releasing a report from the Interior Department that said more than two-thirds of the offshore oil leases in the Gulf of Mexico and more than half of onshore leases on federal land are not in use. These leases give companies the right to drill, but are neither producing oil nor under active exploration, the agency said.

"This report shows millions of acres that have already been leased to industry for oil and gas productions sit idle," Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said in a statement. Mr. Obama also raised the issue of unused leases in his March news conference, and his 2012 budget plan included an extra fee on oil companies that hold idle leases. That proposal would need congressional approval.

The plan being announced Wednesday will include "new and better incentives" to rapidly develop these areas, according to one person who was briefed.

Oil industry representatives say the administration's complaints about unused leases ignore the reality of the oil exploration business, in which companies scour large areas in order to find the relatively few tracts with oil and gas reserves worth developing.

Hey oil industry representatives, what are you complaining about ? Obama may not know anything about the oil industry, but he wants to subsidize you (attention liberals - just keep chanting 'the GOP is the party of the rich', and shut your eyes tight).

This is what Obama does. He sees a problem, he throws a ton of money at it and hopes it goes away. He leaves the trillions of dollars of deficits and debt for some other schlub to worry about. Our President can't be worried about little things like national bankruptcy when there are problems to fix and elections to win. Fiscal lunacy has become the new normal. This is the real Obama Doctrine, and it's called SPEND TAXPAYER MONEY LIKE WATER WITH NO THOUGHT WHATSOEVER GIVEN TO TOMORROW. It started the day Obama walked into the White House and has never stopped. We'd have been better off if we just gave Bush a third term. I'm not kidding, and as most of you know, I'm not a big fan of Bush. Obama is either the same or worse, on nearly every front.



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