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Dear Democrats

By Da King Published: January 29, 2008


I have to ask you a favor.

Following last night's State Of The Union speech, I found myself wondering what Barack Obama's opinion of the speech would be. I couldn't have cared less what Hillary or John Edwards thought, or Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid for that matter, because I knew all they would do is criticize, criticize, criticize, and use the speech as an opportunity for partisan gain, but I was wondering what the man who allegedly transcends political barriers thought. Obama is an intriguing fellow, even to a true blue (or red) fiscal conservative like myself.

And lo and behold, the first words I heard from Barack Obama about the State Of The Union speech were complimentary toward Mr. Bush. Knock me over with a feather. I haven't heard a Democrat say anything favorable toward Bush for so long, at first I thought I heard Obama wrong. I've become so used to listening to liberals whose entire political belief system seems to consist of contradicting everything Bush says or does, that I was certain I must have heard Obama wrong.

But there he was, starting off by praising Bush for his work on AIDS, praising Bush for expanding veterans benefits, admitting that the surge has reduced violence in Iraq, calling for Democrats to be as fiscally responsible as any conservative would be. This IS rather new. Not everything Obama said was a big pat on the back for Bush, of course. Obama called Bush's economic plans nothing but warmed over cut and paste policies from the past, and he said the US must end it's occupation of Iraq for political reconciliation to occur in that country.

I'm no Democrat, but Obama is the fresh voice in that party. There is an opportunity there, even though I'm going to be dead set against most of Obama's economic policies. So, I'm asking all you Democratic primary voters to do me a favor (since you all like me so much), and kick those nasty Clintons to the curb for once and for all. I think you Dems are finally starting to see the same things in the Clintons that the rest of us saw 10-15 years ago. They are nothing but power-seeking slime merchants. They are liars. I'm glad y'all are finally starting to catch up. I cannot stomach 4-8 more years of Billary in my face. If Billary is the nominee, I don't think the Democrats will win the presidency, regardless of what the polls say right now. The Republicans are going to hit you with such an assault against Clintonista sins if you pick them that you won't believe it. We are going to rehash a lot of the Clinton ugliness of the 90's, and I'd really like to NOT go there again. I didn't care for it the first time. I sure don't want to relive it. Bubba denigrated the presidency then, and he's still denigrating it with his embarassing outbursts on the campaign trail now. Let it be over.

Select Barack Obama as your nominee. I'll still most likely vote against him, but at least I'd regain an iota of respect for the Democratic party. And Dems, if you select Obama as your nominee, you might actually WIN THE ELECTION ! He's not a stiff like Al Gore. He's not a traitor like John Kerry. He's not a scumbag like Bill Clinton. For once, you'd actually have a candidate that wouldn't need to have his record hidden, spun, rinsed, and recycled by the liberal media to have even a shred of credibility. Gosh, Dems, you could actually try the truth for a change in a national election ! Okay, maybe I've overstated things here. I know a liberal can't actually tell the truth in an election, or he'd never get more than 20% of the vote, but at least you'd have a candidate who could appear to be telling the truth, and who maybe might even believe what he's saying to boot. Give it a shot, Dems. For me.

Oh, and calm your fears about the race issue. America doesn't really care. Only you morons do, along with the stupid media, who will sensationalize anything for a buck. Identity politics is part and parcel of the liberal mindset. The rest of us moved past that stuff long ago. We hope y'all will catch up with us on that as well. Why is it you call yourselves 'progressives' again ? Doesn't seem to fit.


Correction - In a former post, I actually defended the Clintons against what I thought were unfounded accusations of the Clintons playing the race card. The problem with my analysis was, THE CLINTONS KEPT RIGHT ON PLAYING THE RACE CARD. Oops, my bad. Thanks to all of you who disagreed with me on that issue (and it was almost all of you). You were right. I underestimated the Clintons underhandedness. What was I thinking ?



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