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Debate Questions For Hillary

By Da King Published: November 10, 2007

hillary and baby

Former rapist-in-chief Bill Clinton implied his wife was swift-boated by her Democratic colleagues and the Democratic moderators during the last presidential debate. Has the Clintons endless charade worn out it's welcome yet ? It sure has with me. This nonsense is way beyond old. First, Hillary plays the 'but I'm just a girl and the boys are ganging up on me' card, and then, realizing she was portraying herself as weak by doing that, which is not a desirable quality for a president, she changed that into 'they are ganging up on me because I'm winning'. Hillary got so shook up by the quizzical stares and looks of slackjawed amazement she received in response to her contradictory answers to the driver's licenses for illegals question, that she's taken about 4 different positions on the issue. Two more and she'll match the number of positions she's taken on the Iraq war. Hillary's 'vast experience' is a myth, just like the 'vast right-wing conspiracy' was. She doesn't even have a position on Social Security yet. She wants to appoint a blue-ribbon commission to study it, the quintissential non-answer of the hack politician, as if the SS ponzi scam is some big freaking mystery. It also seems she came up with her 'new' health care solution straight off of the John Edwards website, which Edwards has mentioned more than once. The woman's answers are so scripted that I think they should bring in Angelina Jolie to play Hillary's part in future debates. At least then, the media could generate some interest in the cleavage for real.

But since the 'only ask Clintons softball questions' policy has been at least partially discarded (those debate questions weren't THAT tough), I have my own list of five questions to ask Hillary, assuming she shows up for another debate after the peons treated her so rudely the last time.

Dear Queen Hillary,

1. How do you have the audacity to call yourself a crusader for women's rights after you hired an army of private detectives and ran the command center to ruin the lives of the numerous women your sexual predator of a husband abused ?

(After I recovered from getting tased for that question, I'd ask this followup):

2. Why didn't you ever apologize for that 'vast right-wing conspiracy' remark after it was found out your husband was a lying cheater, which you knew the whole time and for many years prior to the Monica incident ?

3. In investigations of various Clinton scandals, Mrs. Clinton, you have given testimony that was some variation of 'I don't recall' 250 different times. Why should america elect a woman with such severe "amnesia" to the presidency of the United States ?

4. With the country being $9 trillion in debt, isn't it the height of fiscal insanity to be starting a bunch of huge new government social programs right now, as you and every other leading Democratic presidential candidate wants to do, when it's mostly those huge government programs that have us so far in debt to begin with ?

5. Why do you pretend that your husband's resume is your own, and if indeed you were the co-president for 8 years, shouldn't you be ineligible to run now ?



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