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Deficit Commission Crashes And Burns

By Da King Published: December 3, 2010

President Obama announced the formation of a deficit commission last february to address the federal government's addiction to spending tons more money than it takes in. This addiction has become so serious that we now have annual deficits over a trillion dollars and a federal debt of $14 trillion. The addiction is so serious that we haven't had a Democrat-controlled Congress balance the budget since 1969, even though the Democrats have been in control of the federal purse strings for the majority of the time since then. You never hear about that from the mainstream media, do you ??? The last responsible Congress we had was the Republicans in the 1990's, which led to three balanced budgets (sorta), the last one being in 2000.

Yesterday, we learned the deficit commission has been a waste of time, because the deficit commission will reject it's own recommendations, according to Jake Tapper of ABC News. The deficit drug addicts are still mugging the rest of us for our cash, and our ship of state is still a ship of fools:

ABC News has learned Andrew Stern will vote no on the deficit commission’s plan to reduce the national deficit by nearly $4 trillion. Mr. Stern, the former president of the SEIU, has informed co-chairmen Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson that he will be the fifth member voting no, ending the commission’s hopes of officially passing the plan to Congress. The commission needed votes from 14 of the 18 members in order to pass the plan to Congress.

Mr. Stern joins Sen. Max Baucus and Reps. Dave Camp, Paul Ryan and Jan Schakowsky in voting against the plan. He is also the only non-elected official to vote against the plan.

A few thoughts.

First, why in the hell would anyone in their right mind (Obama) put Andy Stern, a left-wing union guy who has never been elected to office, and who is committed only to higher taxes and more government spending and wealth redistribution, on a flipping DEFICIT COMMISSION ? I know the answer, but I'll let someone else say it. There's barely a spending cut in the world Stern would agree with, and he'd reject out-of-hand anything that might help solve our unfunded entitlement problem. He wants MORE entitlements, not responsible reform. Stern was a 'no' vote from jump street. The only way Stern would have voted 'yes' was if the deficit commission's sole recommendations were 'increase taxes by $20 trillion and confiscate all the rich people's money (while carving out a union exemption so Andy Stern could keep all HIS money).'

Second, while I expected Democrats on the deficit commission to be against deficit reduction (liberal Democrats are basically for ever more government spending and ever higher taxes to support that spending. How they can possibly believe that will lead anywhere other than total fiscal meltdown mystifies me), I was surprised that two Republicans, Reps. Dave Camp and Paul Ryan, also voted 'no.' I was especially surprised by Ryan's vote. He is one of the few Congressmen whose fiscal chops I respect. His Roadmap For America's Future contains some very good ideas I'd like to see debated in Congress. Ryan said he voted against the commission's recommendations because "it not only didn't address the elephant in the room, health care, it made it fatter." Okay, Congressman, but in order to make ANY progress on deficit reduction now, with a split Congress and a Democrat in the White House, you're going to have to agree to something you don't like in order to move the ball forward. The other Republican 'no' vote from Camp was because he doesn't want to raise taxes. Ryan and Camp are both making the same mistake. They are giving away a possible $4 trillion in deficit reduction over a few issues they could address at another time, after another election.

The deficit commission's report did explode a couple myths about Obama. These myths have been exploded before, though liberals keep trying to deny it:

2) Health reform's cost savings apparently were bogus. Remember how Democrats boasted that health reform would cut the budget deficit by $170 billion over the next decade and far more after that? The deficit commission must not have gotten that memo. It says health spending projections under the new law "count on large phantom savings" and the reform law's new long-term care program that the report calls "unsustainable." As a result, Congress will still need to enact "a number of other reforms to reduce federal health spending and slow the growth of health care costs more broadly."

5) Obama is a big spender. Although President Barack Obama has talked about fiscal discipline -- and set up this deficit commission -- his own budget plan would spend $350 billion more on so-called discretionary programs over the next decade than if the government were just left on autopilot, according to the report.

The upshot is, President Obama has made the job of eliminating the deficit and reducing the national debt much more difficult, which all sane people already knew.

Some other deficit commission conclusions you can find at the previous link were:

-The federal government is horribly managed (no sh*t).
- Millions of workers don't pay into Social Security (almost 10%).
- The tax code is a hopeless, loophole-riddled mess (again, no sh*t).
- It's actually not that hard to cut the deficit (yeah, until you add politics into it).

So now the deficit commission's recommendations won't even be debated and voted upon by Congress. What a failure. Our representatives are still unserious. Our spending and debt addiction remains. What a tragedy for this country and it's future. Let's hope the new Congress puts these issues back on the table instead of abdicating all responsibility like the current Congress has done.

I'll leave you with the following video from Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), which says it all:

Speaking of failure, doesn't the government shutdown tomorrow, because Pelosi, Reid, and company couldn't be bothered to do their jobs and pass a federal budget ? Unreal. Actually, I don't think it's fair to call Pelosi and friends 'failures.' They aren't good enough.



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