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Democrat Blackmail Succeeds

By Da King Published: December 19, 2007


I woke up this morning determined to write something good about the Democrats, since it has been pointed out to me that I'm pretty critical of the

Jackas, Donkey party. I even had a couple things in mind for which to compliment the Dems.

But then I read about the Senate passing the $555 billion Omnibus bill, with it's 9,000 pork projects and $28 billion in new spending above and beyond Bush's requested budget, and that instantly killed my desire to compliment the Blue state team. See, the Democrat game plan all along has been to push through a bunch of new spending as a kind of quid pro quo blackmail in return for the Dems agreeing to fund the troops in Iraq. That makes me want to puke. I wrote about it last week. Sadly, the blackmail worked, as many Senate Republicans happily agreed to betray conservative principles in order to secure the 11th hour troop funding. What kind of politicians use troop funding during wartime as a bargaining chip ? That's about as low and unpatriotic as it gets, and the Democrats do it on an ongoing basis. That's why the previous 11 appropriations bills stalled and this last minute Omnibus bill is being pushed through at year end.

To make matters worse, some of the Republicans are apparently so relieved to get the troop funding passed that they have lost their minds. Listen to this:

"Even those of us who have disagreed on this war have always agreed on one thing: Troops in the field will not be left without the resources they need," said Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

SAY WHAT ?!?!?!? Is Mitch McConnell drunk ? That sounds like something Ted Kennedy would be saying, it's so patently false. Many Democrats have been trying to stop troop funding all year long. They just couldn't succeed, because Republicans and the Blue Dogs effectively blocked them.

Other conservatives speak the truth:

"Congress refuses to rein in its wasteful spending or curb its corruption," said Rep. John Shadegg, R-Ariz

That's the central problem with Congress in a nutshell, Mr. Shadegg. This should be engraved in giant letters on the outside of the Capitol building. I'd like to multiply Shadegg by a hundred in the Senate, and Mike Pence by 400 in the House, to replace the pandering blowhard seat-fillers we have taking up space there now. (Oh, and to that person to whom I said I'd try to cut down on the name-calling, 'pandering blowhard seat-fillers' is the toned down version of what I really wanted to say about our distinguished ladies and gentlemen in Congress.

So, we have an extra $28 billion in new spending for the Democrats to brag about (we helped people !) and blame Bush for (Bush raised the deficit !) all at the same time, the taxpayers get screwed, the Dems abandon more of their 2006 campaign promises, and business proceeds as corruptly as usual in Washington D.C. Zippity-frickin'-do-dah. Has anybody noticed that the Democrats try to increase taxes and spending at every single turn ? They did it with the energy bill, this Omnibus bill, S-CHIP, AMT, etc. Every single time without fail. That's why they are the enemy of all that's fair and good.

Oh, I almost forgot, I said I was going to compliment the Dems, didn't I ? It's a difficult task, alright, but I'll do it anyway. Two things:

First, during a fundraiser back in october, ex-prez Bill Clinton told some 9/11 Truther conspiracy nuts to "shut up", and said "how dare you" in response to their moronic claims that 9/11 was an inside job by our government. Kudos to Bill. It's nice to know that Kos-manian fever hasn't taken over all the Democrats (yet).

Second, fuel efficiency standard mandates were increased 40% in the latest energy bill. I generally don't favor government intervention in business, but this one is actually a matter of national security. That's when I DO favor government intervention (as in wiretapping, tracking, interrogating, and imprisoning Al Qaeda members, for which the Dems call Bush a criminal. Duh). National security is why we have a federal government (not national redistribution of funds). Golf clap for the Democrats on this one element of the energy bill, though I'll have more to say on the entire energy bill in a later column. I'm worried about the effects of the massive ethanol increase, and the bill fell way short on new domestic oil exploration and other alternative energy sources.

There, you see. I can say good things about the Democrats. It's just that the Dems don't do very many good things for me to write about. Usually, they are aiding the enemy, throwing around taxpayer money, trying to lose the war, and things like that. Nothing to like there.



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