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Democrats Say The Darndest Things

By Da King Published: February 13, 2010

I keep thinking I should write a post about my differences with the Republican party, but Democrats keep talking, thereby constantly reminding me why I detest Democrats, so I never quite get around to the Republicans. Here are a few of the latest examples of Demo-speak.

"I am very optimistic about, about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration." --Vice President Joe Biden, Febrary 2010.

Don't that beat all ? Here is Biden crediting the Obama administration for our successes in Iraq. Time for a short history lesson. Biden and Obama both opposed the Bush-era Surge, which transformed the Iraq War from a failing proposition to a winning proposition. And Biden was the one who proposed the colossally stupid three-state solution in Iraq, which would have been a logistical and humanitarian nightmare involving the uprooting and relocation of millions of Iraqis. In addition, the timetable for America's withdrawal from Iraq was setup by the Bush administration, not the Obama administration. To Obama's credit, he did continue the policies of his predecessor Bush in Iraq, policies which were condemned by Democrats for years, policies that Obama himself condemned over and over again on the campaign trail in 2008. Obama also repeatedly said on the campaign trail that he'd end the Iraq War in sixteen months, another promise he will not keep (thankfully).
"Most small businesses right now, if they've got enough customers to make a profit and they can get the bank loans required to boost their payroll, boost their inventory and sell to those customers, they will do so." --Barack Obama, February 2010.

Here is a comment from a man who has no idea what it means to run a business. FYI Obama - A business doesn't take out bank loans to make payroll. If a business is taking out bank loans to make it's payroll, that is a business soon to be out of business. If a business can't make payroll, it lays people off, it scales back.
"The idea [to create jobs] is to provide financial support to workers, age 60 to 62, who are currently employed, to opt for a temporary, expanded early retirement benefit under Social Security. The jobs those individuals leave will need to be refilled, even under the current recessionary circumstances. Employers will hire an equal number of unemployed people to take their places. With approximately 4.2 million workers in that age group, we would need only one-quarter of them to elect to take expanded early retirement in order to create 1 million private-sector jobs." - Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), January 24, 2010.

Here, Dennis the Menace is saying a million jobs will be created by moving a million people to early Social Security at age 60. Sigh. I can't stand it. First of all, retiring a million people early to have their jobs taken by other workers DOESN'T CREATE ANY JOBS. It's a wash. A million workers leave the workforce and a million workers replace them. That's ZERO jobs created. Second, the net result of Kucinich's proposal is only that a million more people go on Social Security, adding more unfunded entitlement liability than that program already has. It adds more to the government debt. Why does it seem that the Democrats response to absolutely everything is to have MORE people dependent on the government ? Maybe it's because the Democrats response to everything is to have MORE people dependent on the government (Whoa. I just got that deja vu feeling. Weird). Speaking as someone from northeast Ohio, I sincerely apologize for Dennis Kucinich. We are not all dolts here.
"It's [called] climate change, where where it's supposed to get warm it gets warmer, and where it's supposed to get cold, it gets colder." - Keith Olbermann, February 2010.

Maybe it's not fair to Democrats to characterize Olbermann as a Democrat. He's more like...a raving left-wing madman. I'm sure Olby doesn't ever vote Republican, however. The above quote is Olbermann of PMS-NBC responding to Republican James Inhofe of Oklahoma, who joked about how the recent record snowfalls don't seem to indicate any global warming taking place. Olby takes the insane liberal loon stance that no matter what happens with the warming, er, I mean, climate change, is responsible for it. This is pretty convenient for the loons, because it's makes their climate change religion inviolable. Climate change is responsible for EVERYTHING now. Heavy rain ? Climate change. No rain ? Climate change. Hot temperatures ? Climate change. Cold temperatures ? Climate change. Heavy snowfall ? Climate change. No snowfall ? Climate change. On and on it goes. The old flat-earthers look absolutely intelligent by comparison.

On the same subject:

"One of the most disturbing things about the Republican Party over the last couple of decades is that they just don’t believe in science any more. And that is not an approach that is likely to generate any kind of creative thinking…People who use snowstorms as an example of why global warming doesn’t exist don’t understand the science and they don’t care.” - Democrat Howard Dean, February 2010.

See: Olbermann's response that ALL WEATHER PHENOMENON is climate change. How scientific is that ?

For further response to How-weird Dean, I give you Ed Morrissey from HotAir, who responds to Dean better than I could:

"Actually, we do respect science. What we don’t do is adopt belief systems based on hypotheses from so-called scientists that use incomplete and unreliable predictive modeling, include wild conjectures as fact, pass off student dissertations as reliable research, and accept advocacy claims without testing, all while conspiring to hide contradictory evidence and scheme to ruin the careers of those who question them. Science requires that claims get tested, that predictive models that fail get discarded, that data and process remain open for review, and that critical thinking get welcomed instead of demonized.
Now, when Howard Dean wants to discuss scientifically how anyone can represent what the IPCC did as rigorous and reliable science, and how the “science” that predicted unstoppable increases in global temperatures for the last 12 years got it wrong but still remains reliable as a basis on which to enact public policy that massively intrudes on private enterprise, property rights, and energy production, well, I’d bet the GOP would welcome such a forum. But while we’re there, perhaps Dean and the scientific acolytes in the Democratic Party can scientifically explain how a group of cells with a unique, human DNA that divide and multiply within a uterus is somehow not human life.
You know, since we’re being scientific and all." - Ed Morrissey

Yeah. What he said.

Or we can go with the dumb screamy guy who said Republicans don't believe in sicence. You pick.



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