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Democrats Spanked, Sent To Room

By Da King Published: November 3, 2010

Consider Obama refudiated.

I'm breathing a sign of relief today. President Obama and the Democrats unchecked grasp on the reins of power has been stopped. Good job, America. Republicans racked up historic wins in these elections, taking control of the House, wresting governorships and state legislatures away from Democrats, and erasing the Dems huge advantage in the Senate. The champagne dreams of the liberal elite to control every aspect of our lives is now officially on hold. If for no other reason, we can celebrate the fact that there will be no disastrous cap-and-trade scheme looming on the horizon to wreak havoc on our economy, drive more jobs away, and further impoverish our citizenry.

Congratulations to the Tea Party movement for shining a giant spotlight on the fiscal insanity that has been taking place in this country, which energized the opponents of the control freak nanny types who shill for progressive Big Brother. The Tea Party was a driving force for liberty in this election, and made great strides in the face of an avalanche of slander and mudslinging from the lying losers on the left. Good job, Tea Party.

Congratulations to Ohio for electing Republican John Kasich as our next governor. You may not know it from listening to Governor Strickland's meaningless campaign ads about how Kasich once worked for Lehman Brothers, but Kasich was the Chairman of the House Budget Committee beginning in 1995. He was the chief architect of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, and instrumental in giving this nation it's last balanced federal budgets during the Clinton years. Hopefully, he can do the same to fill Ohio's $8 billion budget gap, and create an environment conducive to prosperity here, unlike what our current and previous governors have done.

Congratulations to Americans for listening to liberals from the President on down repeatedly hurling insults at Americans and calling Americans ignorant. You responded appropriately, America, and threw those jackasses out on their asses. I don't know how the liberal loons thought such a strategy would benefit them, but I guess that's why they are liberal loons in the first place.

Congratulations to Florida for electing Republican Marco Rubio to the Senate and sending the spineless political chameleon Charlie Crist packing. In this calendar year, Crist said both "I'm a dedicated Reagan Republican," and "I will caucus with the Democrats." What a tool.

Speaking of tools, Florida also kicked the left-wing loudmouth, Rep. Alan Grayson, to the curb. Grayson was a complete embarassment in the House Of Representatives. He dumbed down virtually every discussion in which I saw him take part. He had the juvenile mentality of a mischievous 14-year old. Good riddance and good job, Florida.

Congratulation to America for not electing bad Republican candidates. Senate candidates Christine O'Donnell of Delaware and Sharron Angle of Nevada were defeated. This further shows the wisdom of the voters. We don't want bad Senators no matter where they come from. Angle's defeat comes with an asterisk, where the Nevada voters were faced with the impossible choice between Angle and Democrat Harry 'the war is lost' Reid. A ventriloquist's dummy with a GOP lapel pin could have defeated Reid in this election, but Angle was too 'out there' and scared the voters away. Sorry Nevada, you were in a no-win situation.

Liberals only fared well in the strongholds of liberal power, places like bankrupt la-la-land, where California elected Governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown, again. Brown gave a rambling victory speech in which he sounded to me like he was stoned. La-la-land also sent Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer back to Washington D.C. over Carly Fiorina. California will never learn. I also have bad news for California stoners - Prop 19 to legalize marijuana failed. Bummer, dudes.

In Massachusetts, Democrat Rep. Barney "financial crisis" Frank won by a wide margin, thereby proving that voters may not be so intelligent after all, at least not in liberal districts.

I had to tune into MSNBC last night to watch the liberals crying in their beers. All the "big guns" were there: Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell. They came up with a million excuses for why the Democrats lost, but they never managed to come up with the actual reason - America doesn't want what Obama is selling. America is not as far left as Obama, Olbermann, Maddow, Schultz, O'Donnell, and Matthews. The promise of Obama in 2008 has turned into the reality of Obama in 2010, and America doesn't like what it sees.

While I do see this election as a repudiation of the left, I don't see it as a mandate for Republicans. The Republicans won because they are the only other choice besides the liberal Democrats. Where else was the electorate supposed to go ? Now the Republicans share the responsibilities of leadership with Obama and the Dems. America doesn't trust the Republicans any more than it trusts the Democrats. We'll be watching you, GOP, and if you don't change your evil ways, we'll throw you out in two years just like we did the Democrats. We'll keep throwig the bums out until we have a government that behaves responsibly. That's what we should do, anyway. I hope we will.

President Obama is scheduled to make an announcement today at 1pm. Anyone wanna bet he's gonna be a lot more friendly to Republicans than he was before ??? If I were a betting man (which I am), I'd bet we're going to hear lots of words like "bipartisan" and "work together" coming from the President's mouth, and not so much of words like "enemies" and "they can't drive." That's' the CHANGE I HOPE for, anyway.



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