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Democrats Trample On Poor DC Kids

By Da King Published: March 17, 2009

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Democrats say Republicans are the party of 'no,' that Republicans don't have any ideas, while Democrats are just overflowing with all kinds of brilliant new ideas. And that's true. Democrats do have all kinds of ideas. The problem is, most of them are very BAD ideas. Obama's endless $500 billion-$1.75 trillion annual deficits, killing the E-Verify system, removing the secret ballot from union voting, the Fairness Doctrine, the regressive cigarette tax hurting the poor, nominating a string of tax cheats to cabinet posts, driving energy costs through the roof with cap-and-trade, bailing out everybody under the sun, business killing tax increases, closing Gitmo without having any idea what to do with the

enemy combatants innocent freedom fighters housed there, banning offshore oil drilling, banning ANWR oil drilling, banning oil and gas drilling in Utah, executive orders banning non-union signs, executive orders making pro-union signs compulsory, etc, etc, etc.....when it comes to bad ideas, Democrats have a million of them.

Here's one more.

An effort to preserve D.C.'s school voucher program - which pays parents to send their children to private schools - died Tuesday evening when the Senate rejected a Republican amendment to the $410 billion omnibus spending bill.

The amendment from Sen. John Ensign, Nevada Republican, to strike language in the bill restricting voucher funding and to reinstate funding for the 2009-10 school year went down in a 58-39 vote.

Mr. Ensign said the omnibus bill would "effectively kill" the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, which allows qualified low-income families to claim up to $7,500 per student toward a private education of their choice. About 1,700 students are currently enrolled, and they will have to return to D.C. public schools.

Needless to say, Republicans voted FOR the voucher program, and Democrats voted AGAINST it. Democrats are kicking poor DC kids back to the inferior failing public school system even though it costs taxpayers almost twice as much to do it. The current cost per student in the DC public schools is $14,000. The voucher program only cost $7,500 per student. Democrat's don't care about that, and they don't care that the low-income children receive a far better education at the private schools under the voucher program either. Democrats only care about keeping the kids on the government plantation, keeping it's education bureaucracy intact, and pleasing the teacher's unions. They could care less about the kids.

"Parents are lined up to give their children a better future through the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship," said Mr. Ensign. "And why not? It´s a better education in a safe environment. For policymakers, it should have been just as simple because it's also less expensive."

Designated Democratic bs'er du jour, Sen. Dick Durbin from Illinois, attempts to explain the unexplainable:

Democrats such as Sen. Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, as well as teachers' unions, voiced concern that the vouchers take federal funds from the public schools.

Mr. Durbin said in response to Mr. Ensign on Tuesday that the General Accountability Office looked at the voucher schools and found some "world class" schools as well as some below average schools, explaining his reasoning for examining the program further before reauthorization.

"They also found schools where somebody's mom or somebody's wife declared themselves principles and teachers and went in to teach without college degrees and received federal subsidies to do it," he said.

Mr. Durbin said safety, teacher's degrees and standardized tests were not held to public school levels. He said that "those on the other side" have "completely given up on D.C. Public Schools" and that Mr. Ensign's amendment would further the schools' destruction.

What a pantload. Durbin is trying to say the PRIVATE schools aren't safe, the PRIVATE schools are sub-standard. Of course, precisely the opposite is true. It's the PUBLIC schools that are unsafe and sub-standard, by any objective measure. Even DC charter schools outperform the public schools. The only people defending the public schools are those invested in the public school system or those invested in being spin doctors for the Democrats.

Democrats - anti-school choice, anti-success, anti-taxpayer, and anti-poor kids. Dismantling liberty step by step.

Btw, the school voucher and charter school ideas were advanced by Republicans (the party that allegedly doesn't have any ideas).

P.S. - President Barack Obama sends his kids to Sidwell Friends, a PRIVATE school in DC. President Bill Clinton sent his kid there too. You see, the public schools aren't good enough for THEIR children. They're only good enough for the rest of us, you know, the peons, the VICTIMS of the Democratic party.



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