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Dems And The Other War

By Da King Published: April 20, 2008


Here's something you might not have heard about, seeing as how our left-biased media (90% of newspapers, 80% of television stations) didn't bother to report on it. It concerns the other war, in Afghanistan. As every american media consumer knows, and as every Democrat happily reports, Bush abandoned Afghanistan to go into Iraq. Thus, the Taliban is returning to power and Afghanistan is going to hell due to Dubya's wrong-headed policy. That's pretty much the way they characterize it, right ? Right.

There's a problem with that characterization, and the problem is, it isn't true. NATO released a progress report on Afghanistan earlier this month. Here is an excerpt from the executive summary of that report:

August 2008 marks the fifth anniversary of NATO’s presence in Afghanistan. Set against the devastating effect of decades of conflict, these five years have witnessed substantial progress in all spheres of Afghan life – from a reasonably stable security situation in most of the country to a massive increase in the number of health clinics and children in schools. Since 2003, NATO-ISAF has gradually extended its reach and is now responsible for security across the whole country. The number of our troops has grown steadily from the initial 5,000 in Kabul to the current 47,000 ISAF personnel in theatre. Today, large parts of the country are relatively stable with no or very few security incidents per month even if the security situation in southern Afghanistan and parts of the East remains challenging for international and Afghan security forces. There is room for cautious optimism. In 2007, the direct engagement of Afghan National Army (ANA) and ISAF routinely defeated militants. Although the overall number of security incidents across Afghanistan has increased, this corresponds to the expansion of Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) and NATO-ISAF operations to areas formerly considered to be extremist strongholds. In 2007, 70% of security incidents were confined to 10% of Afghanistan’s 398 Districts. These districts contain less than 6% of the Afghan population. This progress would not be possible without the increasing effectiveness of our Afghan partners. The ANA is becoming a professional, well-trained and equipped force that will be able to fully provide for its country’s security. In 2002, there was no ANA to speak of. Today, the ANA stands at around 50,000; every two weeks, the Kabul Military Training Centre graduates 1,100 more soldiers. The ANA is increasingly taking the lead in security operations and played a key role in liberating Musa Qala from Taleban extremists in December 2007. Ninety per cent of the Afghan public sees the ANA as an honest and fair institution. The evolution of the ANA and particularly the ANP are essential pillars in building an Afghanistan that is at peace with itself and its neighbours.

It's not all peaches and cream in Afghanistan, but there is substantial positive news, and Afghanistan is light years better than it was before. I wonder why Democrats and the media can't bring themselves to acknowledge that ? It wouldn't have anything to do with POLITICS, would it ?

The art of deception is alive and well. You see, the prospects for the Democrats in the fall elections are in inverse proportion to how things are going in america. If Afghanistan is going badly, that's good for Democrats. If Iraq is going badly, that's good for Democrats. If the economy is going badly, that's good for Democrats. Anything going right in america seems to be bad for Democrats. Is it any wonder then that the Democrats have painted such a negative picture of the United States ? The Dems say we're losing both wars, are sure global warming is about to destroy the planet, are predicting a second Great Depression, act as if most americans are living in tents, and pretend that border control is some kind of racist plot. They try to convince us that the rich are out to enslave the poor, that capitalism is a disease, and that free trade is our enemy. The solution, of course, is to elect Democrats to save us from this horrible fate. The solution, incredibly, is for Dems to increase taxes by a few trillion so they can

make sure the country is destroyed fix all the problems. All this brings to my mind those old words that should never fail to have us shaking in our boots - "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help." No thank you, government. You've done enough already.



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