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Dems Say...Fear Bush In 2010

By Da King Published: August 22, 2010

Democrats appear to be staking their 2010 midterm election hopes on running against their favorite punching bag...George W. Bush. Funny, but I don't see his name on any ballots this year. To my knowledge, Bush has been keeping a pretty low profile, hanging out in Crawford, Texas. I can't really blame the Democrats for running against Bush. After all, it worked in 2006 and 2008, and it's a lot easier than the Democrats defending their own policies, which are unpopular with the American people.

Here's the first midterm campaign ad from the Democratic National Committee (DNC). It plays to the Dems 'Don't-Vote-For-Scary-Bush-Who's-Not-Running-Anyway' strategy:

There ! Did you see that ? That was Bush in that there ad ! Uh, oh ! Run for the hills ! He's coming ba-ack !!! Unless you vote for Democrats this fall. Be afraid, be very afraid ! Boo !!!

Beside the obvious fact that Dubya isn't coming back, Democrats have another problem, according to the National Journal:

The advice from Democratic consultants and strategists is almost unanimous: Run away from the president, and fast. A prominent Democratic pollster is circulating a survey that shows George W. Bush is 6 points more popular than President Obama in "Frontline" districts -- seats held by Democrats that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sees as most vulnerable to Republican takeover. That Bush is more popular than Obama in Democratic-held seats is cause for outright fear.

Ouch. And that comes from a Democratic pollster ? Not good news for the Dems. No wonder Maureen Dowd of the New York Times and other liberal journalists were calling for Bush to come out in favor of the Ground Zero mosque. He has more street cred than Barry.

In order to illustrate to my liberal critics that I am not a shill for the GOP, I strongly advise all voters - if you see George W. Bush on any ballot this november, DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM.. There libs, how do you like me now ? I'm doing your bidding.

Obama's low approval rating on issues led former DNC Chairman Howard "The Scream" Dean to say Obama's advisors have misled him:

"I think the people around the president have really misjudged what goes on elsewhere in the country other than Washington, D.C.," Dean, also the former governor of Vermont, said on CNN's State of the Union. "I don't think this is true of the president, but I do think his people, his political people ought to go out and spend some time outside Washington once in a while."

This is actually a bit ironic, because Dean believes the problem with Obama is that he hasn't been progressive enough. If Obama took Dean's advice, he be even MORE out of touch with the American public. The only ones who think liberals represent the thinking of America are liberals themselves, like Dean. The facts are, liberals represent about 20% of America. The rest of us are mostly normal, myself excluded. I don't know whether I'm normal or not. I'm too close to the subject.

The Gaffemaster General, VP Joe Biden, tried to bucks up his troops, providing his own spin on the upcoming elections:

“On Nov. 3, the day after the election, there will be a Democratic majority in the House and a Democratic majority in the Senate,” Mr. Biden said. “If it weren’t illegal, I’d make book on it.”

“When we have the American people focus on our differences, I think we are going to do just fine in November,” Mr. Biden said, speaking over applause from a few hundred attendees. “The choice is not between Democrats and the Almighty, it’s between Democrats and the Republican Tea party.”

It would be quite an earthquake if the Dems lost the House and the Senate so soon after The One soared to victory on the wings of angels two years ago, but I notice the Gaffemaster didn't dispute that the Dems were going to lose ground come november. I do congratulate Gaffy for conceding the Democrats were not superior to the Almighty. That's the first sign of humility I've seen from this White House since Obama bowed to the Saudi prince.

I wonder...if the Dems were running against the Almighty, would there be DNC negative ads about the Almighty's failed policies of the past, like the Black Plague ? The DNC might also point out that the Almighty has a God complex. Such an ego, that one. All messianic and stuff. Could we trust the Almighty with the nuclear football ? Think about it, America. Who do you want leading your team...

God...or Harry Reid ?



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