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Desperate Tax Measures

By Da King Published: September 16, 2010

Democrats are desperate to find issues to run on in the midterm elections. They know these elections will be all about the economy. They know America believes the Democrats have made the economy decidedly worse, and America thinks Obama's economic policies are sheer lunacy. Democrats can't run on ObamaCare, because America overwhelmingly rejects that as well. Democrats don't even talk about ObamaCare on the campaign trail, even though they hailed it as their crowing achievement a few short months ago, which the Dems termed a victory a hundred years in the making. You'd think they'd have the strength of their own convictions, but instead they run from ObamaCare like the plague.

The usual liberal tactics, which consist of calling people who disagree with them bigots, is not working this time. Liberals have trotted out this firewall argument repeatedly, accusing their opponents of being homophobic, Islamophobic, Latinophobic, and racist against blacks. The electorate remains unimpressed.

What's a Democrat running for office to do ? If slandering your opponents doesn't work, what will work ?

Some Democrats (the smart ones) are running away from President Obama, pretending to be johnny-come-lately hawks for fiscal responsibility. This will only work for those few who voted against the stimulus package or against ObamaCare. The voters will see right through the rest of these posers.

The President has put forward his preferred election tactic - politicize the expiring Bush tax cuts. This incorporates the other liberal firewall tactic - class warfare. Republicans want to renew the Bush tax cuts. Obama wants to renew the tax cuts only for those making less than $250,000. Here's Obama, from ABC News:

After meeting this afternoon with his cabinet, President Obama emerged in the Rose Garden to push again for Congress to move on middle class tax cuts.

Once again, the leaders across the aisle are saying no. They want to hold these middle-class tax cuts hostage until they get an additional tax cut for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans,” Obama said from the Rose Garden, “I just don't believe this makes any sense. Even as we debate whether it's wise to spend $700 billion on tax breaks for the wealthy, doesn't it make sense for us to move forward with the tax cuts that we all agree on?”

First, I feel compelled to unmuddy the President's muddy thinking. If the Bush tax cuts are extended or made permanent, NOBODY will actually get a tax cut, as Obama indicates. All that will happen is, the status quo will remain in effect. There are no new tax cuts on the table. What is on the table is whether or not to raise income taxes by letting some or all of the Bush tax cuts expire. Also, we are not deciding whether to "spend $700 billion on tax breaks for the wealthy," as Obama claims. Tax rates not being higher does not equate to government "spending." Those monies don't belong to the government. Those monies belong to the people who earned them. Obama acts as if the government is the owner of our wages instead of us. Government ownership of wages is a view common among socialists, communists, and tyrants. I sure don't like hearing our President sound like one of them.

Vice President Biden joined into the President's class warfare chorus:

“If the other party continues to hold these tax cuts hostage, these are the same families who will suffer the most when their taxes go up next year,” [Biden] warned, “And if we can't get an agreement with Republicans, that's what will happen.”

As usual, Biden is telling precisely the opposite of the truth. The Republicans want to extend the Bush tax cuts and make them permanent. They would do that tomorrow. It's the Democrats who are attempting to slice up the tax cuts and play class warfare games. If anyone is holding the tax cuts hostage, it's the Democrats. Then Biden has the nerve to pretend the Republicans want families to suffer, when it was the Republicans who put forward the Bush tax cuts in the first place. Democrats were mostly AGAINST those tax cuts. Biden voted against those tax cuts. He should have to explain why Democrats wanted families to suffer.

It gets worse.

According to a Washington Post article titled 'Democrats Turn To Meaningless Word Games,' it is reported that House Democrats want to rename the Bush tax cuts, and call them the "the Obama tax cuts for the middle class." Talk about pathetic and sad. Not to mention that the "Obama tax cuts for the middle class" would be the first tax cuts in history that weren't tax cuts at all. They'd actually be a tax increase on higher earning taxpayers, with everyone else's taxes remaining the same. This kind of doublespeak is why Orwell wrote books.

I guess when you don't have anything to run on, as the Democrats don't, this kind of up is down, left is right gobbledygook is what we should expect.

My final point is one I've made before, but I have to repeat it, because it further illustrates the braindead class warfare nonsense being put out by this administration. Even if the Bush "tax cuts for the rich" are ended, it is expected to generate $70 billion in additional revenue for the goverment per year (though in reality it would be less). Compare this amount to our trillion+ yearly deficits, or compare it to the $900 billion increase in yearly federal spending from 2008 to the 2011 Obama budget request (we don't have an actual 2011 budget, because the Democrats in charge of Congress can't be bothered to do their job and create one). Ending the Bush "tax cuts for the rich" would barely make a dent in these astronomical spending and deficit amounts. Democrats want to fool you into thinking the Bush tax cuts are the problem, but they most certainly are not. The problem is and has been the explosion in federal spending. That's the real problem, and all Obama has done is make the problem far worse. He has taken an already unsustanable economic environment and made it even more unsustainable. The Obama administration IS the problem. No wonder he's trying to distract us with his phony political game-playing. Apparently, it's all he's got left.



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