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Do We Have Immigration Laws Or Not ?

By Da King Published: April 28, 2010

Is it a federal crime to enter the United States illegally, or not ?

The answer is yes, it is illegal. For any who don't like that, your solution is to seek to change the law to an open borders policy, not to riot in the streets like a pack of wild animals. Learn from the Tea Party movement how to protest peacefully. During hundreds of Tea Party protests across the country, not one person has been arrested. No violence has occurred.

Is it racist to enforce federal immigration law ?

Of course not. The law applies to anyone who is in this country illegally, regardless of race. Just because the open borders folks, who are themselves advocating lawlessness, have made the profound observation that Arizona's illegal immigration problem is with illegals from Mexico, who are, whodathunkit, Mexicans, doesn't mean anything. The law is the law. If we had 12 million illegals entering the U.S. from Canada, they'd be breaking the law too. We shouldn't ignore lawlessness based upon the race of the lawbreakers. What kind of society would that lead to ?

Is the Arizona law about racial profiling ? Will it lead to random stops and inspections of Mexican Americans on the street ?

The Arizona law specifically states that people are not allowed to be stopped based upon race. The law says that persons must have a previous "lawful contact" with the police (such as a traffic violation), and the police must have a "reasonable suspicion" that those stopped may be illegal (such as the person stopped having no drivers license, and six other people in the car with no identification).

Won't the Arizona law require that legal immigrants carry their papers with them at all times or be persecuted, like we're living in, you know, Nazi Germany ?

Federal immigration law already requires that legal immigrants be able to prove their legal status. They must carry their green cards. The Arizona law is nothing new in that respect.

Won't the Arizona law be subject to abuse by the police ?

Almost every law is subject to abuse by the police. We all place our trust in the police every day. Addressing abuses is what the court system is for.

Isn't it the federal government's responsibility to control immigration ? It's not up to states like Arizona.

It's precisely due to the federal government's non-enforcement of laws against illegal immigration that this problem exists. That's why Arizona took steps to enforce already existing federal law. The Arizona law was largely based upon existing federal law. Arizona has the right to police itself, as does every other state in the union.



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