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Drunk With Power

By Da King Published: December 28, 2009

Here's the distinguished gentleman from Montana, Democratic Senator Max Baucus, excoriating Republicans for not going along with ObamaCare, and sounding like he just got back from a long lunch with the Jagermeister Girls.

It appears Democrats weren't kidding when they said health care reform was done in the spirit(s) of Ted Kennedy.

Next up on the Dem agenda - Universal Bar Tab Coverage.

Maybe Baucus is drowning his sorrows over the heat he's taking for giving his girlfriend a $14,000 raise, taking her on a taxpayer-funded trip to Southeast Asia, and nominating her for a U.S. attorney job.

And always remember, Dems define bipartisanship as - the Democratic agenda is implemented and Republican ideas are ignored, just as it was with health care reform, which was crafted in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-NV) office with only Baucus and a couple other Democrats knowing what was in it until just before the Senate vote. Reid even bribed several Democratic Senators with taxpayer funds to obtain the needed 60 votes. Then when Senator Jim Demint (R-SC) introduced an amendment to stop using earmarks to buy votes on other legislation, guess who opposed it and shot it down ??? That would be the DEMOCRATS, who voted instead to continue the culture of corruption.

No wonder Baucus had to get a buzz on to make that speech on the Senate floor. His conscience, if he has one, would have prevented him from making it sober.



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