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Dumber Than A Bag Of Hammers

By Da King Published: September 9, 2009

Once again, I thought I was done with Obama's former Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones, but I HAVE to report this. Lord knows our media won't. It turns out that Mr. Jones is not only a 9/11 Truther, but he also thought that America DESERVED to be attacked on 9/11. Like Obama's 20-year pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones thought 9/11 was America's "chickens coming home to roost," (to quote Rev. Wright). On September 13, 2001, TWO DAYS after 9/11, Jones was a featured speaker at a rally in Oakland where he said the following, according to the far left website, Anti-War:

A recurring theme of the speakers [at the Oakland rally] was the brutal violence committed by or supported by the United States government on a daily basis. " The bombs the government drops in Iraq are the bombs that blew up in New York City," said Van Jones, director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, who also warned against forthcoming violence by the Bush Administration. "The US cannot bomb its way out of this one. Safety at home requires justice abroad."


Time for a little history. Those bombs the government dropped in Iraq, of which Van Jones spoke, were dropped by President Clinton, or possibly by Bush Sr., because Bush Jr's Iraq War didn't start until 2003. The previous war with Iraq, the Gulf War, was due to the fact that Saddam Hussein INVADED KUWAIT. I guess Van Jones slept through that. We removed Saddam from Kuwait, liberating that country. We left Saddam in power in Iraq, and setup a list of UN supported conditions as the terms of Saddam's surrender. Saddam violated virtually ALL those conditions in the subsequent years, resulting in 14 UN resolutions being directed against him. Saddam kicked out the UN weapons inspectors in 1998 before they had completed their work, against the UN's wishes, and six weeks later, President Clinton ordered strikes against Saddam's nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons sites. It must also be noted that Saddam USED his chemical weapons repeatedly. He used them against the Kurds and the Iranians, and targeted civilian populations. Saddam also launched SCUD missilies at Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Iran, in addition to invading Kuwait. Saddam had a LONG history of violence, lots of it against his own people, and Saddam gave significant support to terrorist activity, all apparently unknown to the sleeping Van Jones. Saddam wasn't known as The Butcher Of Baghdad for nothing.

Yet, TWO DAYS after 9/11, here's Van "Oblivious" Jones, blaming America for the Al Qaeda attack, using Clinton's (or Bush Sr's) Iraq bombings as his justification and citing AMERICAN INJUSTICE, along with the rest of the lunkhead 'blame America' crowd at that Oakland rally, which was held to denounce AMERICAN violence and racism right after 9/11. I guess Oblivious Jones thought racist old America just liked to blow stuff up for no apparent reason. "It's Tueday, let's bomb Eye-Raq !! Yee-haw !!" What an idiot.

Are they putting drugs in the drinking water out there on the left coast, or what ? Those like Van Jones couldn't be more clueless. As they say, they couldn't find their butt with both hands.

So, when you hear our lying media denounce Glenn Beck for outing Van Jones, as they've done the past few days, especially over on MSLSD (The Propaganda People !), know how completely full of it they are. They are merely covering up the truth. Van Jones shouldn't have gotten close to the White House. Ever. And Obama should have to explain why he did.

(Note to liberals - before you start saying "Glenn Beck told you to say that," or something equally dumb, know that Glenn Beck has NEVER, to my knowledge, reported this).



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