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Edwards Declares War

By Da King Published: January 6, 2008


I'm not like John Edwards.

John Edwards wants revenge, because, by gosh, his father was a mill worker. That makes things, in Edwards' words, "extraordinarily personal" to him. Not just "personal", but "EXTRAORDINARILY personal". Edwards stressed that repeatedly and passionately during last night's New Hampshire debates. He wants revenge on corporations, because his dad worked for one. Evidently, working for a corporation is cause for revenge and hatred, because those corporations call the shots, leaving someone like Edwards' dad powerless to do anything other than go to work, do his job, and collect his paycheck..............................

Am I missing something here ?

Every time I ever got hired by a company, I expected I'd have to go to work, do my job, and then the company would pay me for it. I kinda thought that was the whole deal, the nature of the contract. Was I supposed to be expecting something else ? Was I supposed to expect to be making the same amount of money as the owner or CEO of the company, for instance ? Was I supposed to expect that every penny of profit the company made should be diverted into my pocket, rather than those of the entrepreneurs, investors, and shareholders ? I never had any such expectation, nor the brass cojones to ever suggest anything so audacious. I never looked at things the way John Edwards does, as ME versus THEM. Usually, I was grateful to THEM for giving me a job so I could support myself and my family. If the CEO lived in a nice big house and drove a nicer car than I did, it didn't cause me to lose any sleep. I only expected a job, not a life forever free from all worry or care.

John Edwards thinks our lives are being controlled by those evil corporations. He thinks the high price of oil is due only to corporate greed. If you thought it had something to do with supply and demand, such as the maxed out oil production along with the rising needs of China and India, for example, which you'd call 'economics', you would be wrong, according to John Edwards. It's just greed. End of story. After all, Exxon made $40 billion last year (a profit margin of 9 cents per gallon, btw. The government makes a whole lot more on each gallon of gas, but apparently the government is NOT greedy, probably because John Edwards wants to run it, and he'll need LOTS of your money to implement his plans). Ditto with drug companies. The drug companies may make the medications that save our lives, but they are all evil and greedy. Just ask Edwards. Well, I shouldn't say they are ALL evil and greedy, because John Edwards pointed out last night that there are SOME good corporations, like there were SOME good plantation owners during the slavery days in the old racist south. Edwards mentioned Costco as a good corporation. I'm guessing Costco must not make a profit.

Edwards does enumerate some authentic american problems. The high cost of health care is a problem. Edwards says so, and he's right. Edwards has a plan to force people to buy health care insurance. Edwards has a plan to raise taxes to pay for more people's health insurance. What Edwards doesn't have is a way to deal with the actual problem, which is THE HIGH COST OF HEALTH CARE. He's got nearly zip to address that. Another problem Edwards mentions is the high cost of education, college education in particular. This is a real problem. Edwards has a plan to help people subsidize their college tuition. Edwards has a plan to increase taxes to subsidize college tuition. Edwards has a plan to increase the salaries of teachers (making education yet MORE expensive). What Edwards doesn't have is a way to deal with the actual problem, which is THE HIGH COST OF EDUCATION. He's got zip on that.

John Edwards doesn't so much solve problems as he does figure out a way to get america number one to pay for america number two through redistribution of wealth. All the actual problems remain. What John Edwards does is declare war on the rich, so he can steal their money. Edwards declares war on corporate america, so he can steal their money. Edwards has to criminalize the wealthy in order to make his own criminality appear less criminal.

Edwards claims he will brook no corporate lobbyists in his administration. What Edwards is saying to you is, when he considers, say, an energy bill for america, he won't invite the energy companies, the energy providers, to the table. He won't care what their opinion is. That isn't just getting revenge on those evil corporate fat cats who made his dad work for pay, that's taking revenge on all of us, because that's just dumb. Who knows the energy industry better than people who have worked their whole lives in the energy industry ? Does John Edwards know better ? Harry Reid ? Nancy Pelosi ? I don't think so.

I guess I must be sounding like those "forces of the status quo" that John Edwards was referring to last night, when he said "every time there is a force for change, the forces of the status quo show up to attack" (I hope I have that quote right. If not, it's a close enough paraphrase). Edwards was talking about Hillary as the "status quo" when he made that remark, and was bundling himself and Obama together as the "forces for change" (translation: neither Edwards nor Obama has any experience running anything ever. The 'change' thing is all they've got).

There aren't two americas. There's one america. All this dividing of people up along the lines of class, race, wealth, religion, or whatever isn't helpful. It isn't really our diversity that makes us strong. It's our unity. You know, one nation, under god, indivisible. That's where the strength comes from, not from pitting one against the other through the class warfare of John Edwards.



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