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Election Winners, Campaign Cash, Comedians

By Da King Published: October 28, 2010

RealClearPolitics has projected the likely election winners in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Here are the results:

The current makeup of the Senate is 59 Democrats and 41 Republicans. With 36 Senate seats up for grabs in this election, RealClearPolitics has forecast the new Senate as consisting of 49 Democrats, 45 Republicans, and 6 races still a toss-up. The GOP could take the Senate, but it's a longshot. It's almost a certainty that the Democrats will lose a lot of ground.

The current makeup of the House is 255 Democrats, 178 Republicans, and 2 vacancies. RealClearPolitics has forecast the new House as consisting of 225 Republicans, 178 Democrats, and 32 races still a toss-up. All seats in the House are being contested in these midterm elections. It is highly unlikely the Democrats will retain leadership of the House.

With all the phony rhetoric coming from Democrats and the pro-Democrat mainstream media about secret GOP money "stealing our democracy" in the upcoming elections, it is worth noting that, surprise!, surprise!, surprise!, the Democrats are outspending the Republicans by a pretty significant margin in this election cycle. Here are the facts, from Politico:

It’s true that conservative third-party groups are outspending their Democratic rivals. But the Democrats still have a sizable cash advantage in their party committees – making this year’s elections a lot more of a fair fight than Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi let on.

So far, the latest figures show that the Democratic Party machinery has outraised its Republican counterpart in this campaign cycle by almost $270 million.

And even when outside spending on television advertising and direct mail is added to the mix, Republicans still haven’t closed the gap.

The money race totals come to $856 million for the Democratic committees and their aligned outside groups, compared to $677 for their Republican adversaries, based on figures compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Stealing our democracy, indeed. The Democrats are just upset that their advantage isn't bigger, along with the fact that it appears they are going to lose a lot of elections on tuesday, in spite of their spending advantage. Funny how we didn't hear the alarm sounded by Democrats when the Dems outside groups were outspending Republicans by a 2-1 margin in the 2006 and 2008 elections. The Democrat wails of 'poor pitiful me' this time around ring way hollow, especially after Obama lied about taking public campaign financing in 2008 and spent more cash than any presidential contender in history.

The latest Gallup poll shows Democrats are gaining no ground with the voters, despite President Obama's barnstorming over the last few weeks. Maybe the rally being held on saturday by comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will help the Dems, especially with young voters who actually think they are watching the news on Stewart and Colbert's shows. It's time for you 2008 Obama Zombies to rock the vote one more time. Don't miss the rally, kids ! Sheryl Crow and the actor from Law And Order will be there ! How hip.

It's probably too late for the Democrats to run on their accomplishments, which they've been running away from this entire election cycle. Such conviction, these Dems. I guess it's up to the comedians now, which seems fitting to me. Maybe the Messiah will even show up to stir the zombies to action with inspiring words like these:

Two years later, and I still can't believe he had the, um, audacity to make that statement.



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