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Enemies Of The People

By Da King Published: July 20, 2008

power to the people

The high price of gasoline is hurting America. It is hurting the poorest among us the most. We import oil from countries that are NOT friendly towards us, such as Middle Eastern countries and Venezuela. We import oil from countries with unstable governments, such as Middle Eastern countries and Nigeria. Our entire economy hinges on those countries, therefore it's hardly surprising that we are very interested in the affairs of those foreign states, because the well-being of our own country depends on them. There is a direct correlation between what happens in the Middle East and the food you are placing into your mouth, the car you are driving to your job, and even whether you have a job or not. Oil is a matter of national security. That is why becoming energy independent is one of the most important jobs facing the United States today. Until we are energy independent, we don't control our own destiny, not to mention the fact that we are sending large chunks of our wealth overseas, strengthening some of those very countries who dislike us.

We should be doing everything possible to solve this problem, but one political party is standing firmly in the way, by not allowing us to drill offshore, or in ANWR, or to utilize clean coal technology. That same political party has made it impossible for America to build an oil refinery or a nuclear plant. That party is led in Congress by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who is actually stupid enough to claim "drilling [for domestic oil] is a hoax" (this is akin to saying 'farming is a hoax' in the face of a crop shortage), and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) who cares so little about America as to say "who is afraid of him [Bush] ?" when the President asks Congress to approve offshore oil drilling in the face of $4 per gallon gasoline. It isn't about Bush, Harry Reid, it's about America. All Reid and Pelosi care about is the Democratic party seizing power. They could care less about Americans. The truth is, they WANT the price of gasoline to be sky high, because they want to push through their alternative energy/global warming agenda, and they don't care who they hurt in the process, or for how long they hurt them. They will sacrifice us all for their political goals.

For proof, you need look no further than the Democrats alleged "solutions" to high gas prices. Barack Obama suggested a windfall profits tax on the oil companies (which would RAISE the price of gas, not lower it). The Democrat-led Congress shot down the federal gas tax holiday in a New York minute, and now they are trying to INCREASE the federal gas tax. Apparently, the price of gas isn't HIGH ENOUGH for the Democrats yet. The aforementioned Democratic leadership in Congress won't even bring offshore drilling or ANWR drilling to a vote on the floor, because they know the pro-drilling lobby has the votes to get it approved. Pelosi and Reid are thrwarting the will of the American people, intentionally. There is also a bill proposed by Democrats that would clamp down on oil speculation. This bill is an absolute farce, because there is no way for the U.S. Congress to clamp down on a WORLDWIDE oil speculation market. It they regulate the American market, the capital will simply move to another world market, such as London or Japan. It will only result in the LOSS OF MORE AMERICAN CAPITAL. The oil speculation legislation is a trick, a dog and pony show, that gives Americans the ILLUSION that Congress is doing something, when they are not.

The reason the Democrats can get away with such unamerican activities is - our president is a Republican named George W. Bush, a former oilman. Pelosi and Reid know that most Americans are going to blame the high gas prices on Bush, even if there is little Bush can do about it without the help of Congress, so they are perfectly willing to let you all suffer in order for them to gain politically.

For those of you out there who support the Democratic party, who may be saying to yourselves "alternative energy is the answer !", I would say, EVERYBODY agrees with alternative energy. Everybody is in favor of wind and solar power. The Bush administration has spent more money on alternative energy production than any other administration, so Bush agrees too. There is no way on this god's green earth that we AREN'T going to need oil in 5 or 10 years, however. If you believe that, you seriously need to reconsider. We WILL need oil in 10 years. We WILL need oil in 20 years. We can and should lessen the demand, but it isn't going away any time soon. What we SHOULD do is become energy independent, which includes drilling our own oil. We aren't going to harm the environment by drilling offshore or in that tiny patch of ANWR. That reasoning is an attempt to mislead you. Even during Hurricane Katrina, not one offshore oil rig spilled oil, and they were blown all the way in to shore. No wildlife will be harmed by drilling in that tiny patch of ANWR either. That's another red herring.

If you think America should stay out of the business of Middle Eastern countries, then help pursue an energy path where we won't NEED those countries in the future. The domestic energy blocking path the Democrats have led us down for the past 25 years has insured that we are more and more involved with those countries. Ignore all the lies you will hear from the Democrats. There is enough domestic oil for us to never have to buy a drop from Saudi Arabia. There is enough for us to never have to buy a drop from Venezuela. If we combine domestic drilling with alternative energy and conservation, we can solve this huge problem, but we'll have to either change the Democrats minds or get rid of them first. Until that time, get used to being poor and dependent, just how the Dems want you. Get used to recession, because it will become a permanent way of life for the next few decades.

When the poll came out that said only 9% of Americans approved of the job Congress was doing, I felt really sorry for that 9%, who must be woefully misinformed. Congress has never been worse. When Congress gets an issue as obvious as this one wrong, they aren't just ignorant, they are enemies of the people.



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