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Enemy Combatants Still Have No Rights

By Da King Published: February 22, 2009

After being in office for only a couple days, President Obama issued an executive order that would close the Guantanamo Bay prison within a year. At the same time, he issued an executive order setting up a task force to review detainee policy, which would consider the options for apprehension, detention, trial, transfer, or release of detainees. The task force was given 180 days to complete the task.

One month later, it seems the decision on detainee rights is in.

According to Obama's Justice Department, detainees don't have rights. They are prisoners of war ('enemy combatants' if you prefer). Obama has kept the Bush policy in place.

President Barack Obama's administration has sided with predecessor George W. Bush on the rights of detainees at Bagram air base in Afghanistan, saying they cannot challenge their detention in US courts.

In a two-sentence court filing Friday, the US Justice Department said "the government adheres to its previously articulated position" of denying habeas corpus rights to Bagram detainees, backing a similar decision by the Bush administration.

This isn't going over well with left wingers who don't understand why enemy combatants aren't granted the full rights of American citizenship, and can't have their cases heard by Judge Judy.

"The decision by the Obama administration to adhere to a position that has contributed to making our country a pariah around the world for its flagrant disregard of people's human rights is deeply disappointing," said Barbara Olshansky, lead counsel for three of four [Bagram] detainees.

Sane people, on the other hand, realize that releasing enemy combatants while the war is ongoing allows those enemy combatants to engage you on the battlefield again. So, if you actually want to win the war, you don't do things that are directly destructive to the war effort, like freeing enemy forces. For those on the left who might be confused by this, further information can be found in the book War Tactics For Dummies.

In related news, the results of Obama's Pentagon review of conditions at the Guantanamo Bay prison are in. The Pentagon reports the treatment of the Gitmo prisoners meets the legal requirements of the Geneva Convention.

Again, the lefties are unhappy with our new Commander In Chief.

"We do think conditions are in violation of U.S. obligations to treat prisoners humanely, and prisoners are at a physical and mental breaking point," said Pardiss Kebriaei, a staff lawyer at the [Center For Constitutional Rights]. "These are not the conclusions we had hoped for under Obama. It's very disappointing."

I guess they were hoping Obama would order the Pentagon to say we treat the Gitmo detainees like dogs, regardless of the facts.

Now that Obama is ramping up the war in Afghanistan by sending 17,000 more troops there, and has continued striking Pakistan with Predator drones, and is denying rights to enemy combatants, I have to ask the left...

Is Obama a fascist war criminal and terrorist yet ? Is it time to impeach him and try him for war crimes along with Bush ? If not, why not ? I can't wait to hear your response.



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