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By Da King Published: September 7, 2010

With the latest Washington Post/ABC poll of likely voters showing the GOP leading by 13 points on the generic Congressional ballot, expect a veritable blizzard of bullspit to come from Obama, the Democrats, and the mainstream media over the next two months leading up to the election.

It should be interesting. It will also be mostly...insane. Here's some sample insanity:

Expect to hear that Obama's trillion+ deficits are really nothing to worry about, and at the same time, expect to hear that Bush's much smaller deficits were a horrible abdication of fiscal responsibility.

Expect to hear that Obama's gigantic increases in unfunded federal spending are a good thing, while Bush's smaller increases in unfunded federal spending were a horrible abdication of fiscal responsibility.

Expect to hear Obama blame everything on the Republicans, even though the Democrats have controllled Congress for nearly four years, and a Democrat has been President for nearly two years.

Expect to hear how Obama has created millions of jobs, even though we actually lost millions of jobs since Obama became President.

Expect to hear how the country is "heading in the right direction," as Obama has repeatedly claimed, even though economic growth has dropped markedly over the last two quarters and so-called Recovery Summer has been three straight months of job losses.

Expect to hear how Obama's stimulus package was a great success, even as Obama promotes more stimulus to kickstart the success..that..already...allegedly...happened.

Expect Obama to rail against the Bush tax cuts, even as he extends them and proposes his own tax cuts.

Expect Obama to take credit for ending the Iraq war, even though he opposed the surge that led to it's ending, and even as he ignores the fact that Bush was the one who setup the Iraq exit strategy.

Expect Obama to blame the financial crisis solely on the Republicans, even though most of the policy changes that led to it happened under Democratic administrations (mainly Clinton), and even though Democrats obstructed any attempts to reign in the irresponsible mortgage easy-lending and securitization policies (Fannie Mae) that Democrats favored for decades.

Expect liberals to continue to call anyone who disagrees with their policies a bigot.

Expect to see Democrats in Congress who voted for every last bit of Obama's Spend-A-Palooza suddenly transform into deeply concerned fiscal hawks.

Expect Democrats to run away from the unpopular ObamaCare bill they voted for and trumpeted as a great triumph.

Expect Keith Olbermann and company to be batsh*t-crazier than ever (if that's possible).

Expect radical leftists to call Republicans radical.

Expect more and more and more and more spending proposals from Obama, while at the same time he lauds his creation of a deficit commission.

Expect Obama to continue promoting the interests of illegals over American citizens.

Expect to hear Democrats try to get you to believe that Republicans are going to take away your Social Security and Medicare, even as Obama prepares to cut the hell out of Medicare.

And finally, expect the unexpected. That usually happens in october.



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