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Fairy Tales

By Da King Published: February 1, 2008


The number of lawyers seeking the Democratic presidential nomination has been reduced from three to two. The ambulance chasing lawyer is out. The coattail riding lawyer and the civil rights lawyer remain. The coattail rider is the frontrunner for the moment, and has the edge in experience, having both 35 years of coattail riding plus seven years in the Senate. The civil rights lawyer has only three years in the Senate, but at least he didn't earn his Senate seat because of his last name, like the coattail rider did. He earned it the old-fashioned way (his primary opponent, who was leading, self-destructed amid allegations of domestic abuse, and his opponent in the general election withdrew due to a sex scandal, leaving him virtually unopposed, with Alan Keyes jumping in as 11th hour opposition with no chance of winning). The Democratic party had tagged the civil rights lawyer for greatness even before he won his Senate seat by default however, by making him the keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He is the anointed candidate of change, and the future of the Democratic party. The Kennedy family has endorsed him, and Caroline Kennedy said he reminds her of her father, JFK. Visions of a new Camelot are dancing in Democratic heads. Never mind that Caroline also said John F. Kerry reminded her of her father back in 2004 (Must be the initials in the name, because I can't think of any other resemblence there).

All this talk of change, the future, Camelot, and anointing has the coattail rider hopping mad, because, dammit, this was supposed to be HER year, she was supposed to be the anointee, and, double dammit, SHE'S A WOMAN, which gives her street cred in Democratic Identity Politics (DIP). However, in an ironic twist of cruel fate for the coattail rider, the civil rights lawyer is black, giving him even MORE street cred in DIP world. The ambulance chasing lawyer was a mere third wheel, with no DIP cred whatsoever. No wonder he was so angry.

The coattail rider pulled out her 'Big Gun' (pun intended) - the esteemed, venerable, beloved in the Democratic party, lecherous, adulterous, sexual abuser, the ex-president. The Big Gun called the civil rights lawyer's position on Iraq a "fairy tale", which was immediately denounced as a racist remark (don't ask me to explain how that was allegedly racist. This is the Democratic party. Nothing makes sense here. The Big Gun did make later remarks that were racially motivated, though). Apparently, the Big Gun didn't notice his wife the coattail rider's position on Iraq was much more of a fairy tale than that of her opponent. The coattail rider literally said that when she voted in favor of a resolution called the AUTHORIZATION FOR THE USE OF MILITARY FORCE IN IRAQ, she didn't know that meant it was an AUTHORIZATION FOR THE USE OF MILITARY FORCE IN IRAQ. She claimed she thought she was only voting for weapons inspectors to finish their job. Seriously. This is the woman Democrats call 'the smartest woman in the world'. And, SHE'S THE FRONTRUNNER ! Like I said, don't expect this stuff to make sense, it's the Democrats. Being a boldfaced liar is usually an asset. It mostly worked for the Big Gun, until a certain blue dress appeared.....

But I digress. Back on topic, there is a new fairy tale being tossed around by the Democrats regarding Iraq, and I've heard both the coattail rider and the civil rights lawyer mention it, so it must have been cooked up over at DIP headquarters, maybe at the DNC by Howie Dean. This fantasy seems too silly for even James Carville to have cooked up. The fairy tale goes like this : The Iraqis, knowing that either the coattail rider or the civil rights lawyer could be the next president of the USA, and would remove US troops, are behaving better and making progress, because they know their time for depending on the USA is running out.

This master(batory) stroke of demented and corrupt genius accomplishes a number of things for the Democrats: it is used to nullify the results of the surge, which the Democrats were uniformly wrong about; it lays more groundwork for pulling out of Iraq; it provides justification for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The Dems are heavily invested in defeat, because they must prove Bush wrong at all costs. If you haven't noticed, every time one benchmark of success is met in Iraq, and several have been met recently, the Democrats move onto the next one as proof of american failure. Now, I don't want to paint the Iraq picture as a bowl of cherries here, but shouldn't we at least expect a little basic honesty from our leading presidential candidates on one of biggest issues going, instead of this pure fiction and spin for political gain ? Shouldn't we at least expect our leading presidential candidates to WANT america to succeed ? At the VERY LEAST ???



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