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Fiscal Irresponsibility Is The Answer !!!

By Da King Published: September 3, 2011

There's nothing that irks me more than left-wing demands for enormous new federal spending stimulus programs to boost the economy, after we've already spent trillions on those types of stimulus. Such calls seem to be all the rage these days in left-wing circles. I can't turn on a political television program without hearing this insanity being offerred as a solution to our economic woes. Lefties generally accompany their stimulus spending demands with fond reminiscences of the New Deal, along with references to our "manufactured debt crisis", as if those evil right-wingers are making the whole thing up. The favored left-wing conspiracy theories have the GOP "manufacturing" a debt crisis because right-wingers A) Hate black people, and/or B) Want Goldman Sachs to make bigger profits. And lets not forget the ever popular, C) War for oil.

What the leftos can NEVER bring themselves to accept is D) Reality.

So let's gently remind those tin foil hat wearing, conspiratorial code word seeking, ADHD afflicted, left-wing folks once again...

If we don't change course on our spending/debt explosion, the Government Accounting Office (GAO) has estimated where our federal tax dollars will go by 2020, just nine short years from now:

When I point out this information, the lefto reaction is usually to condemn Bush, after which the leftos propose yet more spending and more debt (as in their stimulus proposal). They condemn the fiscal irresponsibility of the Bush administration, and then they recommend more fiscal irresponsibility as a solution. Somehow, such contradictory rhetoric makes sense to them, though to me it sounds a lot like a mental disorder.

The #1 reason I warn of our debt/deficit situation all the time has nothing to do with political ideology. It's all about economics. It's about dollars and cents. On our current economic trajectory, by 2020, we will be taking $900 billion out of taxpayer pockets just to pay interest on the debt. In case the leftos have forgotten (assuming they ever knew), $900 billion is a hell of a lot of money. We'd basically be flushing $900 billion down the drain EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Those interest payments would fund no government program, and would help not one American do anything but become poorer. Imagine the negative effects of that on the nation. If, on the other hand, we stop accumulating this incredibly destructive debt, the enormous amount of money we save could fund all kinds of programs, even ones that leftos like !

Imagine it's 2020, and 92% of federal spending goes to interest on the debt, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. That wouldn't leave any money for anything else. Government services would collapse, or else we'd have such prohibitive levels of taxation that our economy would collapse in a different way from the destruction of wealth. When mentally challenged leftos look at this information, they see no problem whatsoever with Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security spending, even those are the drivers of the future spending explosion. Their level of denial is mind boggling. These same people must look at the water all over the ground after a storm and say "it can't be due to the rain !"

The leftos, of course, can't think past the ends of their own noses. They can't see past right now, today. They can't see the lefto big government future is one where everyone is taxed to death, goods are too expensive to buy, economic growth is retarded, the government runs everything, and we the people are powerless, dependent serfs who can't look sideways without coming under suspicion of breaking a law. This is how things work in every left-wing controlled government. It has always been that way, and it always will be that way. So, to left-wing thugs everywhere, I say, "Viva la revolucion!", you clueless fools. May heaven help you should you ever get exactly what you're asking for. Only then will you slow learners realize what you have lost.

Lest anyone should think I'm some kind of footsoldier for the GOP, I'll say this. The GOP is only marginally better on fiscal issues, and on other political issues, they are worse. But if you want to know how truly messed up this country is, and how insane and pervasive the lefto influence has become......the most demonized political movement in this country is the one that proposes we don't go down this road of spending/debt craziness, the one that actually promotes fiscal responsibility, the Tea Party movement. The TPers are called radical and extreme by the lefto radicals and extremists. Now that I think about it, in a country that has gone fiscally looney tunes, that might actually be a compliment of sorts. As they say, in a world gone mad, the sane man must appear crazy. If you need an example of this, look no further than the balanced budget amendment proposed by the Republicans. That came from the Tea Party coalition in the House Of Representatives. The Democrats were overwhelmingly against a balanced budget amendment. If being against balanced budgets ain't radical, I don't know what would be. Maybe one of the Democrats can attempt to explain how paying $900 billion each year in interest on the debt would be a good thing. Let them try. I can hear the Dems now in 2020, saying "it's Bush's fault !", after Obama has run up about $10 trillion in debt. Can't wait.



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