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Follow The Lemmings - Part II

By David King Published: May 3, 2013

My liberal blogger pal the Reverend is stoking fears of an armed right-wing rebellion again. He does this every so often to remind people how scary are those right-wing bogeymen. After all, the Reverend did see a picture of a guy at a Tea Party rally carrying a rifle once. Definitive proof that the coup is just around the corner, lol. Pass him the smelling salts, and somebody please look to see if any right-wing monsters are hiding under his bed.

But perhaps the Reverend has a point. Who can forget all those right-wing mass murderers from the last century, like Mao, Stalin, Hitler (of the National SOCIALIST Party), Pol Pot, etc....well, okay, all those genocidal atrocities were committed by left-wing centralized control governments of the type the Reverend supports, not by limited government liberty advocates like myself, but why let facts get in the way ?

The other thing the Reverend won't tell you is, the only time an American government should have anything to fear from the people is when that government tramples the rights of the people. In such a case, it is the patriotic duty of the people to replace the government. Lest liberals begin hyperventilating over my words, I am not issuing a call to arms. I'm issuing a call to the ballot box, a call to citizenship. In a recent poll, 42% of the respondents didn't know Obamacare was the law. That's a sign of an uninformed electorate. If we don't safeguard our rights, we will surely lose them.

Let's take a moment to check and see if anyone is trying to trample on the rights of the American people. Ask yourself a few questions.

- Is anyone trying to remove your Second Amendment rights ?

- Has anyone forced you to purchase health care insurance from a private provider or face a government fine  just by virtue of your existence ?

- Has anyone advocated in favor of higher and higher taxes, further depriving you of your own hard-earned money ?

- Is anyone trying to control what food you eat ?

- Is anyone trying to control what you drink ?

- Is anyone trying to tell you what you may smoke and where you may do it ?

- Has anyone advocated in favor of amnesty for those who break our immigration laws, violating our national sovereignty ?

- Has anyone proposed making your medical records available to the federal government ?

- Has anyone trampled on the property rights of Americans ?

- Has anyone greatly increased the number of warrantless wiretaps of domestic communications ?

- Has anyone reauthorized the Patriot Act, which originally had sunset provisions ?

- Has anyone taken us to war in Libya without the constitutional authorization of Congress and in violation of the War Powers Act ?

- Has anyone advocated depriving people of their very right to life, which is the most fundamental right of all ?

- Has anyone made it a unitary executive decision to assassinate American citizens ?

- Is anyone issuing traffic citations via camera without any police officers present ?

- Is anyone about to put drones in the air all over America that can see right into your house ?

- Is the government irresponsibly consuming an ever larger slice of GDP, running up record levels of debt, and threatening our collective economic future ?

- Has anyone ignored the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution in order to further establish centralized federal control that violates the intent of the Founders ?

Hopefully, you know the answers to the above questions. If you don't, I suggest you find out. If you do know, you'll know that people who follow the perpetrators of the above are like lemmings being led off the edge of the cliff. I expect some of them won't even realize it until they hit the rocks below. I feel sorry for them, but don't be one. The future of freedom depends upon it. Freedom is NOT something to take for granted. The very nature of government is to impinge on freedom. Our nation is not the rule throughout history. The rule is tyranny and oppression. American freedom is the exception (and we haven't perfected it either). The more government we have, the less freedom we have, and the more dangerous the government becomes. It becomes our master rather than our servant. As Thomas Jefferson said, "My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government."



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