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Free The Oklahoma Three

By Da King Published: November 16, 2007


Paul Jacob is american political activist, radio commentator, and writer. He has a Libertarian political philosophy, and has been outspoken in favor of term limits and limited government, and against things like the abuse of eminent domain that was spawned by the disastrous Kelo v New London Supreme Court decision, which has led to government taking land from citizens and handing it over to monied private developers, as clear a case of unconstitutional judicial activism and abrogation of civil rights as can be found. Jacob is also head of the Citizens In Charge foundation.

Paul Jacob, along with Susan Elizabeth Johnson of Michigan (president of National Voter Outreach, and Richard Merrill Carpenter of Tulsa (head of Oklahomans In Action) comprise the Oklahoma Three. They have been indicted by Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmonson (Demoncrat) for conspiracy to defraud the state. Their crime ? Get a load of this - They circulated voter petitions in Oklahoma in support of a Taxpayer Bill Of Rights (TABOR). I kid you not. Not only that, but the Oklahoma Three got enough signatures to get TABOR on the state ballot. The Oklahoma Three now face a maximum of 10 years in prison as a result of their subversive attempt at government of the people, by the people, and for the people. You may all have thought that a citizen has a right to to be involved in our democratic process, but apparently the AG Ayatollah in Oklahoma has a different idea. There is a law of more than dubious constitutionality in Oklahoma that says only Oklahoma residents are allowed to circulate petitions in the state. This was the excuse the state used to invalidate the TABOR peititon, prevent the issue from reaching the ballot, and prosecute Jacob and friends.

The Oklahoma residency requirement law is currently being reviewed in federal court. Jacob did check with the Oklahoma Secretary of State prior to circulating his petitions. He was told about the residency requirement, but was also told that people could move to Oklahoma, immediately declare residency, and thus qualify to begin circulating a petition. "Regardless of how the courts ultimately rule on the constitutionality of the residency requirement, everyone I worked with on the TABOR petition sought to follow the statute as written," Jacob wrote in a statement.

It seems pretty clear that this is all about the powers that be in Oklahoma wanting to remain the powers that be, and also using their power to intimidate and corrupt the democratic process in order to censure the wishes of the people. You see, TABOR would have put limits on the amount of money the state government could spend, among other things.

I have read reams of material from the far left on how president Bush is throwing the Constitution out the window by wiretapping international phone calls from Al Qaeda. That's a pantload, but here is a real live true example of american civil rights being denied. Guess how the far left reacted to the news of Jacob's indictment ? Here's a hint: the far left doesn't like Jacob's limited government, Libertarian politics, guessed it. They were just thrilled that the Oklahoma Three were indicted. Read the moonbats at DailyKos here. These are truly the most depraved people in the country.

Read Paul Jacob's statement here.



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