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Gas Pains (And Obama's Birth Certificate ! Yippee !)

By Da King Published: April 27, 2011

"Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe [$6-$7 per gallon]" - Obama Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

As the price of gas reaches $4 per gallon in some parts of the United States, placing additional financial hardships on all of us, it is worth remembering that high gas prices have been promoted by liberals (because liberals are for the working man, or something). Liberals believe high gas prices are the way to wean us unenlightened neanderthal-like human knuckle-draggers off of our fossil fuel addiction and onto alternative energy sources, like electric cars. No word from liberals on where the additional electricity for all those electric cars will come from. Liberals mumble a bit about solar and wind power, but that is little more than a pipedream fantasy. Those energy sources don't come close to providing the necessary energy requirements. I rather doubt they ever will, not that I'm against them. I'm not. I'm for them, but they are marginal energy sources. We need major energy sources.

Let's review the major energy sources...

We have nuclear energy, but liberals are against that.

We have offshore oil drilling and additional American onshore oil drilling (such as in Alaska), but liberals are against that.

We have natural gas, but that requires drilling, so liberals are against that.

We have reams of potential oil from oil shale in this country. We have the world's largest deposits, but that requires mining, so liberals are definitely against that.

We have coal, but that also requires mining, so liberals are against that.

We have ethanol, which I think liberals support, but that's more expensive than oil, and also requires putting our food supply into our gas tanks, which may end up causing more problems than it solves. But at least we'll be able to drive our hybrids and Nissan Leafs to the grocery store, though the grocery store won't have any food on the shelves, or if it does, an ear of corn will cost five bucks. Bonus ! And it's not just the drivers of the Nissan Leaf that will be able to drive to empty grocery stores. The ten people who bought the Chevy Volt will also be able to drive there. As an additional bonus, it takes more energy (gas and electricity) to produce a gallon of ethanol than the ethanol produces. No wonder liberals are for it. It doesn't make any sense at all.

Basically, liberals are against any major energy sources

But there is one energy source that has been largely overlooked by liberals. It's renewable and doesn't emit any scary armaggedon-inducing carbon, though it does leave a footprint...

That's right, liberals ! We can go back to the green future by riding horses. Now, that's what I call progressive. We'll progress right back to the 19th century to solve all our modern energy problems. The answer is so simple, I'm only surprised liberals didn't think of it sooner. And think of all the green jobs that riding horses would create. Why, the pooper scooper jobs alone...I bet it wouldn't be long before the Democrats created the Federal Department Of Sh*t...well, never mind, though the notion seems fitting. And when Republicans wanted to cut funding for the Department Of Sh*t, the Dems could wail about how the GOP is trying to kill people and wants sh*t to pile up in the streets. Think of the possibilities, Democrats. This sh*t could happen.

Oh, wait. I forgot about PETA. Darn. It turns out liberals are against horses too. Man, what a picky bunch. Looks like it's back to the drawing board. Sh*t. I thought I was onto something.

Even though liberal "elites" have been pressing for higher gas and energy prices for years (remember when Obama said energy prices would "necessarily skyrocket" under his Cap And Trade plan ?), now they are complaining about high gas prices. Go figure. You'd think they'd be happy now that they are getting what they asked for, but no. The would-be energy price skyrocketer Obama is pretending to be outraged, and has ordered his Justice Dept. to investigate possible abuse by oil speculators, though he doesn't have any evidence of illegal activity:

On Thursday, my attorney general also launched a task force with just one job: rooting out cases of fraud or manipulation in the oil markets that might affect gas prices, including any illegal activity by traders and speculators. We’re going to make sure that no one is taking advantage of the American people for their own short-term gain. And another step we need to take is to finally end the $4 billion in taxpayer subsidies we give to the oil and gas companies each year. That’s $4 billion of your money going to these companies when they’re making record profits and you’re paying near record prices at the pump. It has to stop

Don't be surprised when Obama's "investigation" comes up with nothing. This is just another populist ploy by the President. His own preferred policies would lead to the same high energy prices he is complaining about. As I stated in my last post, our President is just a politician, nothing more. He adopts whatever policy will put him in the most favorable light come election time, even if he contradicts himself in the process. This is yet another example of it.

I do have one surefire method for reducing gas prices by about 50 cents per gallon - the government could stop taxing the hell out of gasoline. Click on the link to view per gallon gas taxes by state.

At the preceding link, you'll find that Ohio's government gas taxes come to 46.4 cents per gallon. That's about the average. Liberal California's gas taxes are the highest at 66.5 cents per gallon, with liberal New York running a close second (it's because liberals are for the little guy, or something). Conservative Texas only charges 38.4 cents per gallon (because conservatives only care about the rich, or something). Alaska has the lowest gas taxes at 26.4 cents per gallon (probably because Sarah Palin is a hate-mongerer, or something. Liberals, like children, say the darnedest things).

What's interesting is how gas prices vary around the world. Our current gas prices look pretty good to Europeans, who pay about twice what we pay. The big oil-producing countries in the Middle East pay a fraction of what we pay. In Saudi Arabia, gasoline costs like 45 cents per gallon. Maybe it would be a GOOD idea for America to produce as much of it's own oil as we can, you know ? China pays less than we do, which leads me to the devaluation of the dollar. We've been printing money like crazy in this country and borrowing money like crazy. That devalues our fiat currency, which is backed by nothing other than the "full faith and credit" of the United States (which ain't saying a lot these days). When the dollar is devalued, prices go up, and that's what is happening. We find ourselves in the debt-riddled economic doldrums with prices rising at the same time. Food prices were already rising beyond economic growth before the oil price spike, and now things will only get worse. An old word from the 70's is beginning to creep back into my mind - stagflation, but this time with the additional economic burden of crushing debt. I wish I could be more I also stated in my last post...we're the Titanic, and the iceberg approaches. It's getting very near. I sure wish we had a leader, but unfortunately, we're stuck with Obama, for now at least.

On the bright side, Obama has finally released his original Birth Certificate, not that I give a damn. It's about time. Maybe now the Birthers will shut up so the media can focus on something meaningful for a change, not that I actually hold out much hope for that. Then again, maybe the Birthers will claim the Birth Certificate is a forgery. Enquiring minds want to know...or something.



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