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Going To War Again ?

By Da King Published: March 19, 2011

My television keeps telling me we're going to war again, this time in Libya, to stop Muammar Gaddafi from killing the Libyan rebels who have taken over most of that country.

My television keeps saying this will be our third war in the Middle East, which will really make it look like we have it in for Muslims.

My television says President Obama's Libya speech sounded eerily similar to President Bush's Iraq war speech, which it did. Although they will deny it, Obama's speechwriters plagiarized some of that Bush speech.

My television says we are moving our ships and aircraft into position for war with Libya.

My television says we can't afford any more wars. My television is sure right about that. We can't afford any more anything.

The thing is, I don't believe my television. For a variety of reasons, I don't believe there will be any big war in Libya. I believe this will actually be the end of the war in Libya. Here's why:

1) Gaddafi will back down in the face of superior firepower. All it took was Reagan firing a few missiles at him in 1986 to get him to behave and back down. Gaddafi may be a brutal thuggish dictator, but he looks out for Gaddafi's skin above all else. He's a paper tiger.

2) Gaddafi announced a cease-fire as soon as the United Nations Security Council voted to impose a Libyan no-fly zone. Gaddafi might not be adhering to his own cease-fire yet, but the no-fly zone hasn't been established yet either, so the paper tiger still has some growling left to do.

3) Gaddafi wouldn't even have taken things this far if President Obama The Weak had come out strongly against him right away and drew a line in the sand instead of pussyfooting around trying to see what the world thought before Obama The Weak decided what America thought. I have always thought the world becomes more destabilized when America projects weakness. Obama has done nothing to change my mind. His 2009 world Apologize For America tour was a huge rookie mistake.

I get the feeling that Obama wants to appear tough without actually being tough, which is why he's saying no American ground troops will be used in Libya. Obama should NEVER have said that publicly, because he is telling Gaddafi that America's commitment is limited. Even if that's true, you don't tell your enemy that. Obama's words of weakness only embolden Gaddafi. At the same time, Obama feels he must go along with the United Nations and help with the no-fly zone. If he didn't, he'd look like a complete pansy. The Pentagon doesn't want to get into a war in Libya either.

Obama and other top Democrats on foreign policy are saying our military action in Libya is for humanitarian and democratic reasons, which contradicts what those same Democrats said during the Bush years. Here's the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry (D-MA):

"The international community cannot simply watch from the sidelines as this quest for democracy is met with violence," he said. "The Arab League's call for a U.N. no-fly zone over Libya is an unprecedented signal that the old rules of impunity for autocratic leaders no longer stand... The world needs to respond immediately to avert a humanitarian disaster."

Leave it to Kerry to be impressed by what the Arab League says. The Arab League consists of many states led by the very autocratic leaders Kerry says the world will no longer stand, but even Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton said the Arab League's call for a Libyan no-fly zone was a game changer that convinced the rest of the world communities to go along.

Does this really signal that the world community will no longer tolerate brutal dictators like Muammar Gaddafi ?????? Is this the epiphany of freedom the world has been waiting for ?????

NO. Not even close. I can't speak of paper tigers without including the United Nations, which has the spine of a jellyfish. Let's see what happens if Gaddafi plays chicken long enough to shoot down some coalition aircraft or challenge the UN's resolve in other ways. That's where things could fall apart. That's what could prove me wrong and turn this into a real war.

One other thing to consider - what do the Libyan rebels want, other than Gaddafi to be ousted from power ? We know the rebels want our help with a no-fly zone, because they have no means to counter Gaddafi's airforce, but do we know what they want beyond that ? I'm asking, because I'm the first to admit I don't know. Even though Gaddafi represents pretty much all the things I hate in the world, it would be nice to know what would be replacing him.

Another poor signal sent by Obama came yesterday, when he said America's military activity would last "days, not weeks". I realize he is saying this to ease the consciences of Americans fearful of yet another war, but doesn't this President realize Gaddafi is listening too ? Obama just told Gaddafi he only has to hold on for "days". That makes the possibility of the war's extension greater, not less. I seem to recall the Bush administration saying the Iraq war wouldn't last very long either. It didn't quite turn out that way, did it ?

But I still believe Gaddafi will back down very quickly with a coalition show of force. Sure hope I'm right.



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